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Why is everyone making fun of Yishun? I know, it’s funny.  Even I had to laugh when you said you wanted to build a wall around Yishun.  I’m glad Sembawang is paying for it.

Arts in Your Neighbourhood March 2017 Yishun 01

But jokes aside, why did I bring up Yishun?  Because Yishun is my neighbourhood.   And Arts in Your Neighbourhood (AYN) is coming to my ‘hood (and probably yours too, don’t worry) this month!

Arts in Your Neighbourhood March 2017 Yishun 04

AYN a biannual event organised by National Arts Council, taking place in March and November each year, where our neighbourhoods fill up with music, dances, theatrical performances, interactive art installations and more.

Arts in Your Neighbourhood March 2017 - Whisper to a Roar 01

In this month’s edition of AYN, one of the highlights for our kids would be A Dragon Behind the Door & More!

A Dragon Behind the Door & More

Show Timings and Venues:
12 March 2017 (Sun), 2pm / 5pm, Bedok Town Square
19 March 2017 (Sun), 2pm / 5pm, Toa Payoh HDB Hub

Fringe Activities:
11 & 12 March 2017 (Sat & Sun), 11am to 7pm, Bedok Town Square
18 / 19 March 2017 (Sat & Sun), 11am to 7pm, Toa Payoh HDB Hub

Websites: Arts for All | Cake Theatrical Productions


In this production from Sweet Tooth (Cake Theatrical Productions), kids will grab a seat in a spotted beetle and follow Mini and her father on their stay at Aunt Trixie’s house, where they wake up find their house filled with with spotted beetles!

So why is it called “A Dragon Behind the Door and More!”?  I have NO idea.  You’ll have to head down to the show to find out!

Over at the fringe activities, families can take a walk through Curious Houses, where craft activities from weaving a dragon to making a spotted beetle puppet to making your very own mini pop-up theatre awaits!

AYN comes to Yishun

Okay, so let’s come back to Yishun.  Let me use this opportunity to share with you more about my lovely ‘hood.  Yishun was named after Lim Nee Soon who was nicknamed ‘Pineapple King’ (source).   Though these days we see more durians than pineapples around here.

Arts in Your Neighbourhood March 2017 Yishun 03

Back in 1900s, Yishun was home to Lim Nee Soon’s pineapple and rubber plantations. And honest, hardworking folks who toiled the fields.   (MAJORITY of us here today are still honest and hardworking okay?? )

Arts in Your Neighbourhood March 2017 Yishun 05

And in this edition of Arts in Your Neighbourhood,  we can look forward to works that are set to touch the hearts and minds of residents while celebrating the heritage of our town.  Let’s check them out!

Arts in Your Neighbourhood March 2017 Yishun 02

Arts Imprints Around My Neighbourhood

Date & Time: 26 March 2017 (Sun), 9.30am
Venue: Chong Pang Amphitheatre / Yishun Neighbourhood Park
Website: Arts for All | Registration Site

Let’s start with the one I think kids would love the most.  In Arts Imprints Around My Neighbourhood, families can uncover the story of Yishun through music at familiar landmarks around the neighbourhood.


Regardless of age, you can expect a fun-filled experience from pop-up music performances to learning simple drumming techniques.  Complete with a finale concert at GV Yishun cinema.  (PS: Don’t forget to show some love for homegrown fast food chains, Arnold’s fried chicken and Burger Up after that.  They are both super yummy!)

Transport will be provided for the trail which will end at GV Yishun Cinema.

Registration for the event is required via http://aynmar2017artsimprints.peatix.com/.

Do note that in the event of bad weather, this programme may be delayed or cancelled.

The Real Estates by Jean Loo

Date: 10 – 29 March 2017
Venue: Nee Soon East Courtyard
Websites: Arts for All | The Real Estates


In this photography exhibition, artist Jean Loo and her team of photographers will be uncovering the unique sights, sounds and stories from the Yishun neighbourhood.

In line with the exhibit, photography hobbyists are welcome to join in guided photo walks around Yishun.  The photo walks will be taking place on 11 March (3pm – 6pm) and 12 March (9am – 12pm).  Registration is required for the photo walks.

Prefer to just admire the photos?  Then just hop down to Nee Soon East Courtyward to take in the familiar sights and scenes in everyday Yishun through a tapestry of photographs, and take this opportunity to pen down what the neighbourhood means to you.

District 27

Date & Time:
18 March 2017 (Sat), 7.30pm
19 March 2017 (Sun), 7.30pm
Venue: Chong Pang Amphitheatre
Websites: Arts for All | P7:1SAM


Discover the lost landmarks of Yishun and Sembawang such as Sultan Theatre, Naval Base and the coconut groves of Kampong Wak Hassan through this performance which combines both contemporary and traditional Malay dance moves, coupled with music from OrkeStar Trio.

Arts in Your Neighbourhood March 2017 Yishun 06

Follow the dancers and musicians at Chong Pang Amphitheatre, as you continue to tuck in to your favourite local food at Chong Pang hawker centre or the neighbouring coffee shop.

Water: A Musical Tribute

Date: 26 March 2017 (Sun)
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Chong Pang Amphitheatre
Website: Art for All


Also performing at Chong Pang Amphitheatre,  catch this multi-ethnic performance which fuses Indian, Chinese and western instruments. Led by Nawaz Mirajkar, recipient of the Young Artist Award by National Arts Council in 2011.

Arts in Your (Other) Neighbourhood

Yes, I’m gloating that there will be so much fun happening at Yishun this time round.  But if you’re looking for activities near you, don’t worry! Outside of Yishun, there are over 30 arts and cultural activities spanning over 12 locations, ranging from dance, music and theatrical performances, to interactive visual art installations and fringe activities.  Below are some of the highlights:

Whisper to a Roar

Dates: 8 – 23 March 2017
Venue: Woodlands Civic Centre
Website: Arts for All

Arts in Your Neighbourhood March 2017 - Whisper to a Roar 04

This interactive art installation bring together 32 familiar sounds which we hear everyday at HDB estates, such as the sound of a barcode scanner in the supermarket, the butcher chopping meat in the market, or coffee being stirred in a coffee shop.

Arts in Your Neighbourhood March 2017 - Whisper to a Roar 02

Constructed to resemble a typical HDB kitchen (complete with laundry being hung from bamboo poles), visitors can put together their own songs using a mixture of these 32 sounds!

Muzik Kita

Show Timing and Venue:
17 March 2017 (Fri), 8pm, Our Tampines Hub (Festive Plaza)

Fringe Activities:
From 6pm onwards

Website: Arts for All


Over at one of our family’s favourite hangouts, Our Tampines Hub,  hop down to the festive plaza as musicians from prominent groups such as Sri Mahligai, Sri Gemilang, Nobat Kota Singa and NADI Singapura as well as performers from Dikir Barat troupes, Andika Kencana and Sahabat put together an upbeat two-hours musical fiesta that would get your kids up on their feet bouncing and dancing along!  Adults are welcome to join in.

More More More!

There are plenty more activities happening during the month in line with Arts in Your Neighbourhood.  Check out the full event listing, or download the programme brochure.

Grab your free Arts in Your Neighbourhood Tote Bag!

While attending any Arts in Your Neighbourhood event,  don’t forget to pick up a free AYN tote bag.  Simply like Arts for All on Facebook and Instagram and head to any AYN event to redeem your tote bag.  While stocks last!

And while you’re there, don’t forget to snap some photos and hashtag #ArtsInYourNeighbourhood. 😉

Yishun Fun Hunt!


In line with this month’s Arts in Your Neighbourhood event, the National Arts Council has incorporated the following designs representing 5 iconic landmarks in Yishun.


These icons should be easily recognisable by Yishun residents.  If you’re not one, just ask any of your friend or family who lives here for help!

Since Arts in Your Neighbourhood is coming to our ‘hood, we are going to run two contests, with a total of 3 sets of $50 NTUC vouchers to be won!

The challenge of these contests is to identify the 5 spots represented by the 5 icons.  Then head down there (or ask your lovely Yishun friends to help you :p) and take either

1) Your selfie at the 5 spots

Arts in Your Neighbourhood March 2017 Yishun 08

2) Photos of the 5 spots with a unique “#ArtsInYourNeighbourhood” sign

Arts in Your Neighbourhood March 2017 Yishun 10

Contest 1: Lucky Draw

We have 2 sets of $50 NTUC vouchers to give away in a lucky draw.  To participate, simply

1.  Post your photo at each of the 5 spots on this Facebook post.
2.  You do not have to find all 5 spots.  But the more spots you find, the higher your chances of winning!

Rules of the draw:

  • Each correct photo will earn you one entry.
  • Maximum of 5 photos per person (1 photo of each location).  Any duplication will be reason for disqualification.
  • A random draw will be conducted at the end of the contest.  So whether you have 1 or 5 entries, you will have a chance.  But the more entries, the higher your chances!

Contest 2: Fastest Photos First!

The FIRST person who goes to all 5 spots and post a qualifying photo at each of the 5 spots on this Facebook post will automatically win one set of $50 NTUC vouchers!

Terms & Conditions:

  • Contest ends 26 March 2017, 2359 hours.  Any submission after this deadline will not qualify.
  • Vouchers will be mailed to the winners at the end of the draw.  Neither Bumble Bee Mum nor National Arts Council will be liable for lost mail.

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