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Starting from this month, Bumble Bee Mum will be joining the ranks of KiasuParents.com‘s new Kindred Parents Initiative.

I bet all of you who know me will be thinking now, “What the #### are you doing with Kiasu Parents???”  Coz I’m probably one of the most NOT kiasu parents in Singapore – at least if your idea of Kiasu-ness is limited to academic achievements.  I’m actually quite kiasu in other aspects, like trying to snitch a good airfare deal, but that’s a story for another time.

Personally, I dislike the over-emphasis on pursuing academic excellence.  The day before one of MF’s so-called ‘Common Test’ earlier this month, we were binge-eating chocolates at Universal Studios Singapore.  You can say it was an act of defiance against the system – a refusal to succumb.  And many parents (me included) associate KiasuParents.com with this pursuit for academic excellence.

After meeting up with the people behind KiasuParents.com and speaking to them personally, I realised that they are not that different from me.  And I felt that KiasuParents.com is a deeply misunderstood portal.  They never meant to be a driver for parents to be super kiasu in terms of academics.  All they wanted to do was to provide information they thought would be useful to parents.  Which is essentially what Bumble Bee Mum does as well, just that we provide information in different areas.

So I guess that’s why they now have this Kindred Parents initiative which I’m happy to be a part of.  Where KiasuParents.com has reached out to parents (not just me) with different parenting styles and interests to provide a diversified range of information (beyond which are the ‘good schools’ to enroll in and how to get in.)  And we all share one common goal:

We want to bring back the good old Singaporean kampong spirit where parents support one another and grow our children together. 

Photo Story Competition

To get the kampong spirit rolling, KiasuParents.com has launched a contest called “Kampong Spirit Parents Photo Story Competition“.

In this contest, parents are encouraged to share inspiring photos of themselves working or having fun with their children.

The prizes are extremely attractive!  The winner will be receiving $3000 cash, second prize $2000 cash, third prize $1000 cash.  No kidding. We all need a little more cash.  So yeah, I’m joining the contest.  Never kelong one okay??  I need you to vote for me.  HAHAHA… #ShamelessSelfPromotion


1st Prize: $3000 cash
2nd Prize: $2000 cash
3rd Prize: $1000 cash
20 consolation prizes: $200 each
10 voters prizes: $100 each

Appreciation Awards:

  • Best 4 Family Vacation Photo: 2D1N Staycation at D’Resort family room worth $220
  • Best 28 Fun Family Activity Photos: 14 KiwiGarden Hampers and 14 Mother Earth Hampers, each worth $70
  • Best 12 Savoury Photo: Mini Party Sets by Stamford Catering worth $158
  • Best 18 Wacky Pose Photo: Glovia Hamper worth $30
  • Best 5 Cutest Photo: A pair of eXplorerkid (peak unlimited play) admission tickets worth $60

How to Join

1) Submit your photo story on the Kampong Spirit Parents microsite.

2) Share your entry on social media with the key hashtags

#KiasuParents, #KindredSpiritParents, #AXA and #FlyingCape

and encourage your friends to go to the contest microsite to ‘Like’ your  photo.

That’s all!

Submission and ‘Liking’ is open from 22 May 2017 to 21 June 2017.

Judging and Selection of Winners

1) A total of 100 entries will be shortlisted as finalists based on the most number of ‘Likes’.

2) These 100 chosen entries will be posted on the contest microsite for public voting between 23 June 2017 to 9 July 2017.

3) Winners will be chosen based on a combination of popularity votes and organisers’ judging scores. Members who vote for the winning entries will stand to win prizes too.

Start joining today!

And while you’re there, don’t forget to…

Vote for me!

Wahahaha….  Must have Kampong spirit mah.. remember?  After you join, leave me a comment with the link to your entry, I will go and vote for you also!


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