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What Singapore Means To Me


It’s my turn on the ‘What Singapore Means To Me’ blog train, hosted by Finally Mama! Before I begin, let me say that today is a very special day.   Because it is my BIRTHDAY!! Woohoo!!! Hence, it is extremely significant to publish this post on this very day, and I thank B.C.D.E That’s Us! for […] Read more…

Mummy’s Me Time

Mummys Me Time 02 (2)

It’s my turn on Mummy’s Me Time Blog Train, hosted by Danessa from Prayerfull mum! First and foremost, let’s define ‘Mummy’s Me Time’.   I think most people define ‘Mummy’s Me Time’ as time when the mummy is alone.  Free to do whatever she wants and indulge in anything she wishes undisturbed.  But for me, ‘Me […] Read more…

Recollection of my blogging journey & My resolution forward

SG Blog Awards

Winning Top 10 Most Popular Blog Award at Singapore Blog Awards  2015 is something I would NEVER have expected.   I mean, look at some of the other winners. A Happy Mum has 6000+ Facebook followers & 900+ Instagram followers. Mum in the Making has 2000+ Facebook followers + 900+ Instagram followers. Life’s Tiny Miracles has  […] Read more…

A Closure


Haven’t been blogging much lately.  For the past week, every time I switched on my computer, all I did was read news articles and watch videos of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew.  It’s been a pretty solemn time, and I think I need to write something to close this chapter before I can jumpstart […] Read more… is one month old!

bumble bee mum one month old ang ku kueh is officially one month old! *clap clap* Since I consider it to be my 3rd child and full-month celebrations are absolutely necessary, I shall dedicated a blog post to celebrating this milestone. Firstly, red eggs and ang ku kuehs to thank all my guests (i.e. you who are reading this)! Although I have been […] Read more…

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