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Tips for Cooking a Nutritious Meal for your Family

Bumble Bee Mum Day 1 Lunch - Japanese Gyu Don

Just because I seldom blog about cooking, doesn’t mean I can’t cook okay?  I like to think that I’m a pretty decent cook.  It’s probably in my genes, considering my grandfather used to be a chef? Thanks to NTUC Social Enterprises’ Wholesome Food Challenge, in a ‘showdown’ with Mabel (Amazingly Still), I was given to opportunity […] Read more…

Animal 4D+ Augmented Reality Flashcards by Octagon 4D+ Flashcards

animal 4d+flashcard review - augmented reality flashcards by Octagon 4d+ flashcard 04

In my previous post, I reviewed the Octaland 4D+ Flashcards which uses augmented reality technology.  Next, I am going to review the Animal 4D+ Flashcards, also by Octagon 4D+ Flashcards. How it Works As explained in my post on Octaland 4D+ Flashcards, what you receive in your purchase is just an ordinary set of flashcards.  […] Read more…

Octaland 4D+ Augmented Reality Flashcards by Octagon 4D+ Flashcards

Octagon 4d+ Augmented Reality Flash Cards - Octaland Occupation Cards Review 10

Flash cards have officially gone one level up.  Like how computer games have gone from 2D to 3D, pretty soon we may see the end of 2D flash cards era.  Welcome to the era of Augmented Reality 4D flashcards! If you have no idea what augmented reality is, you probably missed my post on S.E.A. […] Read more…

The Illustrated Men in White – Great way to teach children about Singapore History

The illustrated men in white 1

Yesterday I was at the National Library.  They had set up a section with books related to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew.  One particular book caught my eye. The Illustrated Men in White Men In White, as we Singaporeans know it, refers to the People’s Action Party (PAP).  The book summarizes the early days […] Read more…

Be Gone boring Ang Pow lanterns, let’s craft some Ang Pow Origami Sheep and Fortune God!

Happy Chinese New Year to all!

Last weekend before Chinese New Year and my Facebook page was flooded with interesting Chinese New Year craft ideas!  But the one that really stood out (for me at least) was an origami Fortune God that my friend made! I asked her for the instruction and it was readily available on YouTube: I didn’t have […] Read more…

Farewell to traditional CNY cookies, bring on the BAA-BAA Sheep German cookies!

My 9 survivors!

Let me state this upfront, I have NEVER baked before in my entire life.  I do not even have a baking tray or oven in my home.  But believe it or not, I just made my first batch of German cookies! *applause* I’m sure at this time, there are tons of recipes out there for […] Read more…

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