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Nabana No Sato Illumination (Nagoya, Japan)

Nabana No Sato Illumination Blog Review 14

Many years back when I was planning my first year-end trip to Japan, I discovered that towards the end of the year all through to Spring, Japan has numerous illumination events throughout the country.  If you are from Singapore, illumination events in Japan are similar to our Orchard Road Christmas light-up or Christmas Wonderland at […] Read more…

Bumble Bee Mum’s (Not So) Official Hokkaido Accommodation Guide

Hokkaido Family Accommodation Recommendation - Toya Sunpalace

I’ve often been asked for recommendations for Hokkaido accommodation.  And as with what I always do when I get asked the same question repeatedly – I write a (too) long post about it. In this post, I am going to share my personal recommendations for accommodation in the various areas of Hokkaido.  I have not stayed […] Read more…

Tofukuji Temple (Kyoto) – Autumn Foliage Koyo Season

Tofukuji Temple Kyoto - Autumn Foliage Koyo Season - Blog Review 30

Kyoto is one of the most beautiful cities to visit in Japan for autumn foliage (also known as koyo in Japanese).  The city is filled with popular spots to view koyo, but the most popular ones can get REALLY crowded during koyo season. When we visited Kyoto’s top attraction, Kiyomizudera, in autumn, the crowd was absolutely insane.  So to […] Read more…

Phuket Trip with Kids – Our One-Week Itinerary

Phuket With Kids Blog Itinerary 15 - Marriotts Phuket Beach Club

I always tell myself to take it easy when on vacations.  Slow down. Try not to rush from place to place.  Don’t end up spending hours on the road.  Heck, I even tell my readers that.  BUT I STILL END UP DOING IT!!! It’s like, I CANNOT HELP IT.  I must try to squeeze in as […] Read more…

Hokkaido Self-Drive Trip (June 2016) Part 6: Obihiro – Yubari – Chitose

Hokkaido June Self-Drive Trip 6 (07) Obihiro Manabe Garden

Continued from: Hokkaido Self-Drive Trip (Juen 2016) Part 5: Akan National Park, Kushiro, Akkeshi From Ikeda, it was just a short drive to Obihiro where we spent our second last night in Hokkaido at our favourite hotel in Obihiro, Richmond Hotel Obihiro, which was located right opposite JR Obihiro Station. A note on parking at Richmond Hotel […] Read more…

Hokkaido Self-Drive Trip (June 2016) Part 5: Akan National Park, Kushiro, Akkeshi

Hokkaido June Self Drive Trip Part 5 (30) - Akkeshi Gourmet Park Roadside Station (Michi No Eki)

Continued from: Hokkaido Self-Drive Trip (June 2016) Part 4: Asahikawa – Sounkyo – Shiretoko Day 11: Akan National Park Our good luck with the weather was short-lived.  After ONE bright and sunny day in Shiretoko on the previous part of our trip, we were back to rain, rain and more rain. For Day 11, we made a day trip to […] Read more…

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