Angry Birds Fun for Kids @ Singapore Changi Airport

If your kid is a fan of Angry Birds like MF, Singapore Changi Airport is the place to be this holidays! There is currently lots of Angry Birds promotion going on at Terminal 3 right now till 6 Jan 2013. I brought MF there to check it out and never expected to end up spending 7 whole hours there!


The first thing I did upon reaching the airport was to spend money (that’s the whole point of the promotion – entice people like me to go there to spend money). Since I had to spend money, I made sure I buy useful stuff, so I went to Watson’s to buy $40 worth of toiletries and stuff. On a side note, Watson’s at the airport is absolutely awesome because they absorb 7% GST!

The first place we visited once I was done shopping was the Space Lounge at Level 2 (near Wang Cafe / Coffee Bean). It is a play area meant for kids 3 to 12 years old, but there were many young toddlers like 23-month old MF as well as teenagers that are definitely more than 12 years old playing there. To redeem a visit, you need to spend $20 (or $15 for Changi Rewards member) in a SINGLE RECEIPT. And note that each receipt can only be used to redeem play for 1 kid i.e. if you have a $40 receipt, you can’t register 2 kids with it, only 1. They let the kids play in fixed 30 min time slots with a maximum capacity of 30 kids, so you need to register your kid for the next available time slot and be prepared to wait if the nearest time slot is full. The last time slot is at 9pm, but I suggest you register earlier because if you go there at 9pm, it will probably be fully booked already.

space lounge posterspace lounge 1

In between each time slot, there is a 10 min break where the staff would go around to sanitize the area. MF couldn’t stop glancing in excitedly while waiting for his turn to go in!

space lounge 2

Once he was let in, MF quickly took off his shoes, placed them on the shoe rack and rushed to the ‘Space Adventure’ zone with a big ball pit and slide. There were staff members stationed around to ensure kids do not remove balls from the ball pit and queue up orderly for the slides.

space lounge 4space lounge 5space lounge 3

Next, he ran to the ‘Out of Space’ zone which has many small trampolines and a large one for kids to jump around.

space lounge 9

Only 4 kids are allowed in the large trampoline at any one time and there is a staff member there to ensure that. Initially, MF was having lots of fun jumping around inside, but when a huge teenager many times his size went in and started jumping (and deliberately falling) around, I quickly asked MF to come out before he got crushed.

space lounge 10

In the middle of the Space Lounge, there is a ‘Bouncy Balls’ zone where, as the name suggests, kids bounce around on the bouncy balls. They are only allowed to bounce around the area with green flooring, and there are staff members around to stop the kids from taking the balls out.

space lounge 7space lounge 8

There is something called a ‘Cool Zone’, which is a dark area with Angry Birds pictures and lots of starry lighting. I think it’s just for picture-taking and it took lots of persuasion before MF was willing to go in to take a photo (with so much fun stuff around to play, a dark boring space was the last place MF wanted to go to).

space lounge 6

Around the Space Lounge, there are also screens where kids can play the Angry Birds game. Playing on the screens here beats playing on the tiny iPhone / iPad screens.

space lounge 12space lounge 11

On the whole, the Space Lounge is a really great place to play, even for young toddlers. The 30 min play time was just right (though MF was super unwilling to leave at the end of the session) and the minimum spending of $20 (or $15 for Changi Rewards member) is not much to ask. The staff members are extremely friendly and the area was big enough for 30 kids to play comfortably and everything was kept very orderly by the staff members. MF went to play twice while we were there, we went back again after dinner with our dinner receipt, and the friendly staff at the registration counter was like, “Hi! You’re back!” with a huge wave. It was a really enjoyable experience.

We also went to the Activity Zone at Basement 2 (located near Kopitiam) for the workshop after dinner. I think we were there too late, and the only workshop activity left was the 3D craft (I was really hoping to get the clock or tote bag instead.. Oh well.) To redeem one activity set, you need a receipt of $60 (or $40 for Changi Rewards member).

activity zone

For the 3D craft, you are given a background and two Angry Bird cubes to fold and paste on it. There are 4 designs of cubes to choose from, but MF only likes the classic red bird, so we took two of the same design.

workshop 1

The good thing about this activity is that it is very simple. MF watched his daddy do one of the cubes first and tried to follow.

workshop 2

MF couldn’t really fold the cube properly (though he tried), so he did the sticking of double-sided tapes and peeling the white bit off while I helped him fold and stick the cube together.

workshop 3workshop 4

Here is the completed product:


After we completed the activity, we went to the Game Station which is at the same place for a game of live Angry Bird. To redeem a play, you just need to produce any receipt (no minimum spending). MF was too short and not strong enough to use the catapult, so the staff let him just throw the bird at the pigs.

game station

The best part about this promotion is that you can use the same receipt for all the activities! Here is my receipt at the end of the day, all covered with redemption chops:


There is also a redemption booth at Basement 2 where you can redeem an Angry Bird plush toy with a minimum spending of $60 (or $120 for supermarket receipt) in a SINGLE receipt. There is a specific design given for each week, and we missed the red plush (given on the first week) which is the only bird MF likes, so I didn’t bother to try meeting the minimum spend to get the plush for the week.

If you are not a Changi Rewards member, you can actually sign up on the spot at Terminal 3, basement 2 and the card will be issued to you immediately.

And don’t forget to drop by Terminal 1 to let your kid play at Canopy playground if you meet the minimum spending of $50 ($30 for Changi Rewards member)! Yes, you can use the same receipt! 😉

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