Angry Birds Fun @ Singapore Changi Airport (Part 2)

MF and I just can’t get enough of the Angry Birds Promotion at Changi Airport! Today, we are back at the airport for brunch followed by more fun!

We had brunch at Swensen’s with MF’s godmother, who was flying to Kuala Lumpur today. We spent exactly $40 so that I could redeem the Angry Birds workshop, hoping to get a clock or bag this time since we’re here so early.


After eating and sending MF’s godmother off, we first headed to Canopy playground since her flight was at Terminal 1.

After half an hour of fun at Canopy, we took the Sky Train over to Terminal 3. It was about 12.30pm, and I registered MF for the 1pm time slot for the Space Lounge first (the Space Lounge is located pretty near the Sky Train). The staff told me that with my receipt of $40, I could redeem two time slots for MF. Ah, the staff didn’t tell me that the last time I was here with a $40 receipt. So how it works is, if you have two kids, you cannot use one $40 receipt to redeem for the two kids, you need two separate $20 receipts. However if you only have one kid, you can use one $40 receipt to redeem two visits for your kid. So I booked MF for both the 1pm and 1.40pm slots.

Then I went down to Basement 2 to redeem the workshop. Unbelievably, at 12.30pm, the red coloured Angry Bird Clock was already fully redeemed!! I missed it again!! They still have 3 other designs of clocks to choose from, but MF only likes the red bird. So I redeemed a tote bag this time.

After getting the tote bag, it was almost 1pm (there was a queue at the redemption counter.. It’s so much more crowded here on weekends!) and we went up to the Space Lounge.


After half an hour of fun at the Space Lounge, MF was getting sleepy, so I asked if I could change MF’s 1.40pm time slot for a later slot and they did that for me.

Almost immediately after coming out from the Space Lounge, MF fell asleep. So I headed down to the workshop area to colour the Angry Bird tote bag (MF would probably have vandalized the bag anyway, might as well I do it while he is asleep). I was given a plain bag like this:


All you have to do is to use the markers provided to add colour to it. Well.. Sounds easy, but it was really frustrating coz almost all the markers on the table were out of ink!! And when parents asked the staff if they had new markers, they said they didn’t have.. All the markers available were on the tables. So you have to go around to the tables to try to find a marker that had ink. I suggest you bring the bag home to colour using your own markers.

So anyway.. I just made do with whatever markers I had, not bothering if I got the colors of each bird correct. And here is the completed product:


So now, I am sitting at McCafe updating my blog, waiting for MF to wake up from his nap, have a very late lunch before we go back to the Space lounge for more Angry Birds fun! 🙂

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