National Day Parade 2017 – Liveblogging from Preview 2!

Last Saturday, we went for the final preview of National Day Parade 2017.   Back in 2015, we had fun live-blogging from Marina Bay our experience at the SG50 NDP.   Last year was a tad boring, because we didn’t have tickets and camping outside National Stadium wasn’t something very exciting to blog about.

Waiting for the second round of fireworks during National Day Parade preview tonight was akin to watching Avengers movies. Half the crowd packed up and left after the first round of fireworks while half hung around for 'post-credit teasers'. Being Avengers movies fans, we hung around with the nagging suspicion that it was not the end, and indeed, there was a second round of fireworks after the National Anthem was played! * #bbmlocaltourist #ndp2016 #nationaldayparade #fireworks #singaporesportshub #Singapore #singaporetrip #singaporetravel #singaporeinsiders #YourSingapore #travelblog #travelblogger #iamtb #mondayescapes #traveltuesday #wednesdaywanderlust #travelthursday #citytripping #myfavouritetrip #familytravelhq #wanderlust #instatravel #instapassport #sonycamera #sonya6000 #sonyalpha #SonyAlphasClub #sonyimages #sonysg

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This year, we had tickets to NDP17 Preview 2, which put us right on the floating platform where all the action was! We had such an awesome time finally being part of the audience for NDP.  So we’re here to share our live blogging from our evening at NDP17 Preview 2, which you can use to gauge what time each fireworks / fly-past is going to happen come 9 Aug.


And we started our evening by being totally LATE!  We passed through the security checkpoints at about 5.50pm and heard some commotion from the floating platform.  And we realised the red lions parachuteers were making their way down.  I grabbed my camera and quickly snapped some photos, just to tell people that I saw the red lions.  Like I wasn’t THAT late okay?

We watched the red lions as we made our way to the floating platform, joining the queue to collect our fun packs.

As we were queueing, there was suddenly a round of applause and I decided to be a kaypoh to see why people were clapping.  Turned out the red lions were making their way out.  So in the end it rocked to be late, because that was as close as you could possibly get to seeing these guys’ faces!

After the red lions were gone, I popped back into the queue and we got our funpacks, some water and bread and started making our way up the stands.


We finally found a spot in the blue zone of the stands.  I was totally happy to be in the blue zone because we were in the shade while everyone else was in the sun. HA HA HA!

The kids rummaged through their fun pack and found a flag.  They started waving it around excitedly.

MY got a little too over-excited and his flag flew right off the light stick. LOL!!!

Okay, we got the flag back and fixed it.  Back to waving the flag!

Next, MY found a sun visor and decided to put it on because everyone to his left (read: in the sun) had their sun visors on.

I think he realised that the sun visor was more of a hindrance since we were not sitting in the sun.  So he decided to wear it like a bib.


Colourful smoke was set off around the stage.  Show was starting!


It was the start of the first Dynamic Defence Display (D3)! The RSAF performed a high-speed maneuver – which we got a totally crappy view of from where we were sitting.  The moment when the two jets criss-crossed each other was blocked by the spot lights.

The helicopters came next.  I am almost tempted to book a stay at MBS Hotel on 9 August.  Look how close the helicopter flew to the SkyPark!

The chinook followed after.  Which again we didn’t get such a good view of as our view was obstructed by the wall at the side, but at least we didn’t sprayed by all that water!

The chinook lifted itself into the air and we got a view of it flying past MBS.

Then came the RHIBs.  And the wall obstructed our view of them again.  I was starting to feel rather envious of those people sitting in front of One Fullerton. If you are looking for a nice vantage point to camp yourself come 9 Aug, chope those spots right in front of One Fullerton.

But oh look, finally some action on the floating platform!


Little sparks were set off on the stage of the floating platform. First fireworks of the evening, marking the start of the parade.

The parade started with the military tattoo performance.  This year’s military tattoo performance is going to be the largest military tattoo performance in NDP history, comprising the Combined Band, the Silent Precision Drill Squad and for the first time, bagpipers from the Singapore Police Force (SPF) Women Police Pipes and Drums.

The boys were thrilled when they saw the formation changing shape.  They could make out the shape of Singapore and started squealing, “Singapore! Why they so good, can make the shape of Singapore??”  (Yes, my kids speak perfect Singlish.)


Short mini fireworks set off at the end of the military tattoo performance and marking the start of the parade march-in.

The boys waved their flags at the contingents marching in.

Okay… The parade got a bit draggy for the boys and they started digging through the fun pack and found some cookies.


The M3G military raft rolls out onto the bay.


The Singapore flag arrives in the traditional State Flag Flypast – Time for the National Anthem!


After the national anthemn ended, it was time for the Salute to the Nation by RSAF!

And this was followed by the Presidential Gun Salute.

All the excitement made the boys hungry.  And they dug through their funpack and found MORE cookies!


“Why are they shooting at us???” the boys asked.


It was the start of the second Dynamic Defence Display (D3).  This was one of the highlights of this year’s NDP – having TWO D3 segments!

And by the end of the second D3, the sky was starting to get dark.


Fireworks marking the end of the parade segment and we’re going on to the show segment!


The boys do a ‘mozzie clap’.  You’ll find out what that is come 9 Aug.

The sky was getting dark and our light sticks were starting to glow!




Ooooo… Loving those lasers.

And more fireworks!  Fireworks above the stage.

Fireworks above the bay.  Really, I’m SO happy that NDP came back at the floating platform.  I just LOVE seeing those fireworks above our CBD skyline.



Everyone stood up for a celebratory YUM SENG!

Confetti filled the sky at the end of the Yum Seng and the boys jumped up high to grab them.


And the drones were out! It was the moment I was totally waiting for all evening.  The drones!

You HAVE to go down to Marina Bay on 9 Aug to see them for yourselves.  They were so cool!

Everyone couldn’t help exclaiming in wonder when the drones formed a Merlion.  And it even started to spout water!

And immediately following the drones display were fireworks!

OMG, I can’t believe how many photos I took of the fireworks.  Going into slideshow mode!


Time for the pledge.  Loved how serious MF took his pledge-taking.  Primary school has taught him well.

Next up, the National Anthem.

And right after that, fireworks again!!

The boys were thrilled that the fireworks were back!

And with that, we came the end of the NDP17 Preview.  If you don’t have tickets, head on down to Marina Bay anyway on 9 August and plant yourselves in front of One Fullerton.  The D3, the fireworks and the drones would totally make your time worth it!

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09 Aug 2017

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09 Aug 2017


Floating Platform

20 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039805

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