Transformers 30th Anniversary Exhibition

MF is a big fan of Transformers, so I brought the boys to the Transformers 30th Anniversary Exhibition at the Singapore Science Centre yesterday.

The exhibit was held at the Annexe building and NOT included in the entry ticket for the Singapore Science Centre. You can purchase a ticket for the Transformers exhibit alone, or combi tickets with the Science Centre. My kids were too young to appreciate the Science Centre, so we only bought tickets for the Transformers Exhibit. They have family tickets for 2 adults and 2 children (aged 3 to 12), which costs just a few dollars more than tickets for 2 adults and 1 child. MY didn’t need a ticket, and we regretted not asking one more kid along!

If you have a NETS Flashpay card, bring it along for 10% discount! (You just need to show the card, you don’t need to pay using the card.)



Once we entered, we were enticed by the array of Transformers merchandise on sale!


The ticketing staff told us there was a movie screening at 2.30pm (which was about the time we were there) and told us to hurry along.


There weren’t many people on a weekday afternoon and there were plenty of seats available for the movie screening.


They screened one of the Transformers movie (Transformers: Beginnings) which we have watched before, so we didn’t stay throughout the movie. We backtracked to the start of the exhibit and began our tour of the exhibit proper.



There were plenty of photo opportunities throughout the exhibit.


We arrived at laser game which was free to play and MF went in to try it out.


Just around the corner was a pretty cool 3D mapping of Optimus Prime.



One of my favourite exhibit were two interactive TV screens where you can hold up either an Autobot shield or Decepticon shield. If you hold up the Autobot shield, the Transformer will transform and if you hold up a Decepticon shield, the Transformer will fight. MF had a lot of fun playing with them.



Finally, we arrived at the gigantic models of Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee! The ones we saw prior to these were all so tiny in comparison!


Just beside the giant models was a small ball pit for the kids to have a bit of fun.


After this was a craft section. There were some craft activities you could purchase to do, as well as some free colouring pages.

P1140526 P1140528

And before exiting, more photo opportunities.

P1140549 P1140552 P1140555 P1140556 P1140557 P1140561

Overall, the kids had a lot of fun taking photos, though the activities for them to play with were pretty limited. Unless your kid is a really big fan of Transformers, I don’t think it is worth paying the pricey tickets to bring them to this exhibit. But if they love Transformers, then they will be pretty thrilled!




Exhibition Dates: 1 Nov 2014 to 1 March 2015

Location: Singapore Science Centre, The Annexe
( 15 Science Centre Road  Singapore 609081)

Admission Charges: Click here

Official website: TF30 Page | Science Centre Homepage

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Event Information

Starts at:

01 Nov 2014

Ends at:

01 Mar 2015


Singapore Science Centre


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