2016 Round-Up!
January 2, 2017

A look back at our family fun & travels in 2016 - Bumble Bee Mum

Okay, I got to admit, I wasn’t planning to do a consolidation for the past year.  Coz well, it was the end of the year and all I wanted to do was bum on the sofa and sing karaoke – which I did for many hours on New Year’s Eve.  But while I was surfing the net while singing karaoke (yay, multi-tasking!), my fellow So Amazingly Bums, Mabel and Nat, posted their recaps, and Mabel said we all should REALLY do a recap of the year.  She say until like that, how can I not do one also right?

Creative Kids Singapore Family Eco-Vacation - EcoVillage Senggling, Bintan Lagoon Resorts - Blog Review 44

2016 marked the last year of MF as a pre-schooler.  Which to me means the last year I can ponteng (skip school) him whenever I feel like bringing him out to play.

My Little Giant Indoor Playground (Big Box, Jurong East) Blog Review 10

It was also the only year where both my kids were in full-day child care, with MY starting N1 in January 2016.  So 2016 was a VERY precious year for me in terms of freedom and me-times.

For the record, I can’t say that MY has adapted well to N1.  He cried the whole year straight whenever I dropped him off in school.  He told me he would stop crying when he turns 4, which is in…. 9 days time! We shall see about that.

Bintan Lagoon Resort Blog Review - Getaway from Singapore 58

So back to my me-times.  Since I only had one year before I enter a life of rushing back by 1pm to pick the kid up from school, I spent lots of time, well, singing karaoke. And cafe-hopping. And smelling the roses tulips and lilies in peace.  You get the idea.


Before I get too long-winded as I usually do, let’s start recapping.  Since Mabel was the one who said I should REALLY do a recap, I am going to copy hers.


In January, we visited Night Safari for the FIRST TIME ever.  Yeap, I may have gone to Singapore Zoo, River Safari and Jurong Bird Park quite a bit.  But never Night Safari before 2016.  It was super cool to just hop onto a tram and be brought around the park to see animals – some of which were like right next to our tram!

January was also the month of MY’s birthday.  And on the day he turned 3, we visited Amazonia where he and the brother had a full day of fun!


February was the month of Chinese New Year!  We kept our family tradition of squeezing with the crowd at the Chinese New Year street market in Chinatown and visiting River Hongbao.

The month also marked the start of me being a ‘Friends of the Garden’, i.e. annual pass holder for Gardens by the Bay.   It was awesome to be able to surround myself with flowers and slowly admire and photograph them without being disturbed by kids.  I told myself I must make good use of my membership, and I definitely did!

We also had a crazy awesome staycation at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, where we stayed in a club room the size of a 3-room flat and looked forward to breakfast, high tea and cocktails included in our stay.  Shiok max.


In March, I learned that there was actually something called World Monopoly Day?! We became part of a Guiness World Record (I like the sound of that!) while celebrating Easter at Universal Studios Singapore.

During the March holidays, we hopped across the causeway to Johor Bahru where we enjoyed a staycation at the newly-opened Holiday Villa Johor Bahru.

And for the first time in my life, I saw cherry blossoms, thanks to Gardens by the Bay who brought them in to the Flower Dome! I KNOW.. I have been to Japan more than 10 times.  But never in Spring okay?


April was like BOOMZ in our faces with new fun stuff for the kids in Singapore! Starting with the opening of the highly-anticipated Kidzania Singapore.  Since it opened, we have been there… ummm… lost count of how many times.  Probably more times than we have been to Hokkaido.  Considering the number of times we have been there, you would think the boys would be Distinguished Citizens by now, but nope. 3 chops to go.  Coz they like to queue for an hour just to make burgers at KFC. *roll eyes*

On top of Kidzania Singapore, we also saw the opening of FOUR indoor playgrounds!  We had Splash @ Kidz Amaze, which was Singapore’s first indoor WATER playground.

Polliwogs at Eastpoint Mall

Red Bean Park

and the refurbished eXplorer Kid @ Downtown East.

And we also checked out another indoor playground which had opened earlier, T-Play at HometeamNS Bukit Batok!

Outside of Singapore, we were back in Johor Bahru again, opting to stay at Taman Mount Austin – which was packed with fun stuff for the kids!

While at Taman Mount Austin, we stayed in a lovely boutique hotel, The Ardens Hotel.


The month of May saw the opening of yet ANOTHER indoor playground, Busy Tables, which was very different in nature from the rest of the indoor playgrounds – but the boys loved it all the same.

We also saw the revamp of Go Go Bambini, one of Singapore’s pioneer indoor playgrounds.

And in one of our strangest outings, we went for a book fair at S.E.A. Aquarium‘s Imagine | Native Creative Fest for kids.  Up till today, I still found the whole idea of having a book fair at S.E.A. Aquarium highly amusing.  And yes, definitely imaginative and creative.

The boys also attended their FIRST pizza-making class at Doughworkz @ Pastamania!

May also marked the start of So Amazingly Bums, as we went in search of Song Joong Ki at Seorae Korean BBQ.  It was outright hilarious.  Not sure if we were there to kiss Song Jong Ki have lunch or to make a fool of ourselves.

And again, we crossed the causeway to Johor Bahru for ANOTHER staycation at Taman Mount Austin, this time staying at the newly-opened Midori Concept Hotel.


And it’s the June holidays! We spent much of the month in Hokkaido, making it my…. 5th time in Hokkaido if I counted correctly.

June was also the month of Father’s Day, and we visited Madame Tussauds Singapore which was having a ‘Dads Visit Free’ promotion and ‘Celebrating Fathers’ event to celebrate Father’s Day.


After spending half of June in Japan, it was back to Singapore where we played local tourists, starting with a visit to Alive Museum Singapore.

We also had breakfast with monkeys at Singapore Zoo‘s Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife.

And checked out Singapore Garden Festival 2016 at Gardens by the Bay.

So Amazingly Bums resumed our cafe-hopping with a vengeance, because it was Mabel’s Birthday!  We tried out fArttArtz at Singapore Expo.


Image Credit: Amazinglystill.com

And also Pokemon Cafe Singapore, coz Mabel LOVES Pokemon.  (Yeap, I’m using her as an excuse to justify my ridiculous spendings at a Pokemon Cafe.)


And August is the month of Singapore my birthday! The lovely fellow blogger stay-home moms (Mabel from Amazingly Still, May from A Million Little Echoes and Summer from A Happy Mum) pulled together a last-minute visit to Pompompurin Cafe Singapore to celebrate my 18th birthday.  #ForeverYoung

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 25Image Credit: Amazingly Still

While my not-so-free-to-come-out-on-weekday-mornings foodie friends (Nat from So.Natty.Sg and Justin from @justinfoodprints) met up for a dim sum buffet brunch at Mitzo while the kids lounged at the play area provided.

We also signed up for our Friends of Wildlife membership, and started our first of unlimited visits to Singapore Zoo, River Safari, Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari.  And the photo below was selected deliberately to signify the flushing out of any bad shit from 2016.


September means school holidays again! During the one-week break, we visited Phuket and enjoyed a mad awesome break at Marriott’s Phuket Beach Club and Marriott’s Mai Khao Beach.  I still can’t get over how awesome the resorts and their kids clubs were.  And I heard the new Kids Club at Marriott’s Mai Khao Beach’s is done!

We were also back in Johor Bahru, yes again.  This time round, we were in the Nusajaya region where Legoland Malaysia, Thomas Town and Hello Kitty Town were.  We spent our first night at Somerset Medini Nusajaya.

And our second night at Somerset Puteri Harbour.

I also unveiled my hidden cooking talents in NTUC Social Enterprise’s Wholesome Food Challenge!

We also fully utilised our Friends of Wildlife membership, and highlights of our park visits included our Lunch with Parrots.

And lory-feeding! Which initially MY was terrified of, but because we went so many times, he is now no longer afraid of feeding the lories.

And while the kids were in school, I was maxing out the use of my Friends of the Gardens pass at Gardens by the Bay.  After Blossom Beats, I went on to visit Tulipmania in April and Lilytopia in June.  And in September, I managed to rope Mabel in as my fellow Friends of the Gardens and we visited Tribal Tempo.

Image Source: Amazingly Still

And also, I attended my first concert since having kids – a Jay Chou concert!!



Without school holidays, it was back to playing local tourist.  I spent the month uncovering makan (eating) places around Marina Bay area with So Amazingly Bums and Justin.

We also checked our Pokemon Research Exhibition at S.E.A. Aquarium, Resorts World Sentosa.   And the boys ended up appearing on newspaper! Lol…

And my boys are on newspaper today. 😂😂😂 * Pokemon Research Exhibition opens at S.E.A. Aquarium, Resorts World Sentosa @rwsentosa today! What is it all about? We explain to you on the blog: 👉🏻http://bumblebeemum.net * Follow us on Facebook for blog updates and blog links! 👉🏻http://fb.com/bumblebeemum * #mediainvite #bbmlocaltourist #pokemonresearchexhibition #rwspokemon #seaaquarium #seaaquariumsingapore #rwsentosa #resortsworldsentosa #Sentosa #Singapore #singaporetrip #singaporetravel #singaporeinsiders #YourSingapore #VisitSingapore #travelblog #travelblogger #iamtb #travelmom #travelbloggeres #mondayescapes #traveltuesday #wednesdaywanderlust #wanderfulwednesday #citytripping #myfavouritetrip #familytravelhq #airhead #airheadsflock #farawayfiles

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And for Halloween, we visited Safari Boo at River Safari.  The mermaids were unforgettable.


November was a month of getting geared-up for Christmas! We had early Christmas celebrations, starting with a Gingerbread house workshop at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore.

We also enjoyed a Festive Family High Tea at Capella Singapore in Sentosa.

And we were back at Gardens by the Bay again for Merry Medley.

And to start off our school holidays travel, we visited Bintan, spending two nights at Bintan Lagoon Resort and visiting EcoVillage Senggiling and Bintan Mangrove.


After coming back from Bintan, we went on to Thailand and I can’t wait to share more with you about our trip in the coming weeks! Do subscribe to our mailing list to receive first-time updates when we have new posts! #ShamelessSelfPromotion

Thailand (Bangkok, Pattaya, Ayutthaya, Khao Yai) with Kids Itinerary 16

Back in Singapore, we were busy up chalking up chops in the kids’ Pazzports at Kidzania Singapore.  Special thanks to Paddle Pop, Sunstar and Kidzania Singapore.

We also hung out quite a bit at the new Our Tampines Hub.  MF SUPER loved the new indoor rock-climbing park, Clip ‘n Climb.  And I can’t wait for MY to be old, or rather daring, enough to try it too.

And we were also thrilled to discover that my friend’s new art studio, Achievers Arts, also moved to Our Tampines Hub!

Just before Christmas, we had a blast at Pororo Park Singapore‘s Christmas Party.

Back in Singapore in time for Christmas! We started our Christmas celebrations with great fun at the sell-out Christmas party at Pororo Park Singapore! Check out our Instagram story for some cool dancing by Santa Pororo and *ahem* the boys. * If you missed the Christmas party, no worries. You can look forward to New Year's Eve where @pororoparksg will be open till 12.30am!! * If you have been wanting to go for countdown at Marina Centre to catch the new year fireworks, but haven't been able to do so since you had kids, @pororoparksg has solved the problem for you this year. For normal admission after 9pm on NYE, you can stay all the way till 1am. * Pssst. Did you know Pororo Park Singapore has an outdoor patio with view of MBS? Check out the last photo on our IG story. 😉 * #mediainvite #bbmlocaltourist #pororoparksg #pororopark #pororoparksingapore #marinasquare #Singapore #singaporetrip #singaporetravel #singaporeinsiders #YourSingapore #VisitSingapore #travelblog #travelblogger #iamtb #travelmom #travelbloggeres #mondayescapes #traveltuesday #wednesdaywanderlust #wanderfulwednesday #citytripping #myfavouritetrip #familytravelhq

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And in the last week 2016, which is the busiest week of the year for our family with our wedding anniversary and MF’s birthday happening right after Christmas, we celebrated with a staycation at Ritz Carlton Singapore.

Ritz Carlton Singapore Review Staycation with Kids 02

And finally, before the year came to a close, MF celebrated his 6th birthday.  To kick-off his birthday celebration, we started with a visit to the second round of Pokemon pop-up cafe in Singapore!

Pokemon Cafe Singapore Second Round Blog Review 24

Next, we attended the B.Kidzanian Party at Kidzania Singapore, a rare occassion where we parents could go in to role-play with our kids.  MF was super thrilled that I could join him for the activities!


And finally, MF had his birthday party at My Little Giant! With a Pokemon theme, no less! I almost forgot, 2016 was the year of Pokemon Go (which explains his choice for a Pokemon-themed party).  And I still haven’t hatched a single baby Pokemon! *cries*

My Little Giant Birthday (Big Box) Party Package & Review 06

Over to 2017!

In a few hours time, I would be official be promoted to a Primary-School-Kid’s-Mom.  So I’m guessing that would mean less time for blogging and cafe-hopping and  *ahem* karaoke.

Speaking of blogging, I think it’s interesting how this blog has grown with my kids.  I started from writing about nursing rooms when they were babies, to indoor playgrounds as they were toddlers, to dining out as they started to eat ‘outside food’, to traveling – which is something we have been doing since MF was 11 months old but we seem to be doing it more as they get older!

Bintan Lagoon Resort Blog Review - Getaway from Singapore 49

I feel a bit emo, thinking back on how I have been bringing MF everywhere since he was a baby and now he is all grown and going to Primary School and we can’t just go anywhere we want, anytime we want like we used to.  But I guess, as the saying goes, all good things come to an end.

But on a more positive note, I still have plenty of memories that I have yet to blog about, like our Thailand trip and MF’s birthday party, which I can’t wait to record down on this space.

Thailand (Bangkok, Pattaya, Ayutthaya, Khao Yai) with Kids Itinerary 14

And in June this year, we’re going on a big trip, checking off a MAJOR item on my bucket list.  It is going to be a dream come true for me!  (Though I used the kids as an excuse to go for it.)  If you followed me on Instagram, you probably know what it is, but if not… You’ll find out!

So yeah.. Good-bye to impromptu cafe-hopping and karaoke sessions, and hellooooo to Primary School and (one of) my dream come true! Life is awesome! Carpe Diem and may 2017 be a better year than 2016 for everyone!

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