Achievers Training Hub (East Village Mall) – Parent & Child Art Jamming Sessions
March 28, 2016

Update (December 2016):

Achievers Training Hub is now known as Achievers Arts and has moved to Our Tampines Hub.  Read more about Achievers Arts @ Our Tampines Hub > HERE <!

Achievers Art @ Our Tampines Hub - Bumble Bee Mum


I’m a terrible friend.  Some time last year, my friend started an enrichment centre called Achievers Training Hub at East Village Mall.  I was supposed to bring the kids down to check it out then but oh well… Procrastination got the better of me.


Let me tell you a bit more about this friend of mine and her genius daughter.  Hands up if you had joined one of those mummy groups on Singapore Motherhood Forum going by the month of your EDD?  I met Celine through the group for MF, and her first-born was born around the same time as MF.   We went for playdates together, checking out indoor playgrounds and stuff.  She was also a stay-home mum at that time.  I like to think that both our kids were geniuses.  MF was a genius at driving me crazy.  Celine’s daughter was a genius – Period.  She was talking and singing songs before MF even babbled his first proper word.


Back then, I was thinking Celine had a way with kids.  I didn’t think her daughter just knew how to sing and talk before turning 1 without any help from her mum.  Celine must have done something to her daughter to turn her into a genius.  So when Celine started Achievers Training Hub, I was frankly quite curious.  Maybe she would finally reveal the secret of how she turned her daughter into a genius.


In her words, Achievers Training Hub provides creative developmental programme which teaches children to stride on their learning journey in creative ways. They aim to enhance a child’s thinking skills and creativity through engaging learning sessions.


It is her belief that children are great creators of endless masterpieces. With the use of their imagination, each of them is an artist. Here, children can create in a fun and inspiring environment.


Art Jamming @ Achievers Training Hub

This year, Achievers Training Hub launched their Achievers Art Jamming session.  I finally stopped procrastinating and brought the boys down to check it out because MF loves art.


The concept behind their Achievers Art Jamming was for parent and child to paint together and create their own masterpiece.


The focus of the class was not so much on art techniques, but really just to have fun and bond with your child.


We had the freedom of choosing what picture we wanted to paint.  The kids were recently into Mario Brothers and requested to draw Mario characters, which were promptly prepared for us before we arrived.


My kids have super low attention span – especially the 3 year old.  So what was great about the Art Jamming session was that the kids weren’t expected to sit there for 2 hours to keep painting.  They were free to play around with the other learning materials available at Achievers Training Hub.


The kids painted a bit, played some puzzle, went back to paint, played another puzzle…


… painted a bit, read a book, painted a bit, played some stickers…


This went on to and fro, to and fro for the two hours.


At the end of the session, the kids were fully occupied for 2 hours doing what they felt like doing and learning through play.  And we went home with 3 beautiful masterpieces. (With a lot of touching-up done by the instructors while the kids were playing with the puzzles.)


And now our dining room looks totally cheerful and awesome.  I think buying these canvas paintings alone would have cost more than the art jamming sessions?


I really enjoyed the art jamming session because it was not so much of a structured art class but more like a free-play session with art thrown in.  If you know me, I am not a fan of structured enrichment classes and prefer opportunities for my children to learn through free play.  Here’s a quick video to sum up our Art Jamming session. Enjoy!



The price for a 2-hours art jamming session is only $30 for 1 canvas.  If parent and child works together to paint 1 canvas, it will be $30.  If you prefer to work on a separate canvas from your child (i.e. 2 canvasses), then it will be $60.  Get it?

And because this is an Art Jamming session, not art class, you can opt to have an instructor to help you or just paint on your own.  The price above excludes instructor fee.  If you require an instructor, the instructor fee will be $10.

Confusing? Okay, summary!

  • Parent and child painting on 1 canvas without instructor = $30
  • Parent and child painting on 2 canvas without instructor = $60
  • Parent and child painting on 1 canvas with instructor = $40
  • Parent and child painting on 2 canvas with instructor = $70
  • Parent + 2 children painting on 3 canvas with instructor (like what we did) = $100

$100 to decorate my dining room plus let the kids have fun for 2 hours.  Totally worth it.  I strongly recommend you top up the $10 for instructor to help touch up your art work if you want a nice painting at the end of the day.  Wahaha…


Promotion for Readers:

Achievers Art Jamming Session

  • 2 hours session
  • Includes 12″x16″ canvas and unlimited usage of art materials
  • Quote “Bumble Bee Mum” to enjoy 15% off the Art Jam session!

Achievers Art Classes (for ages 3 to 14)

  • Quote “Bumble Bee Mum” to enjoy registration fees of $40 waived!

Promotions ends 22nd May 2016.

You are strongly advised to schedule an appointment by

Giveaway Time!

We are giving away an Art Jamming Session at Achievers Training Hub to two lucky readers.  Each winner can bring along another friend (since we understand that Art Jamming is more fun when done with friends!).

Step 1: Leave a comment on this Facebook Post, telling me which character you would like to see for the Art Jamming Sessions during the June Holidays.

Step 2: Lock in your entry with the Gleam app below. (You do not need to complete every step, but the more steps you complete, the higher your chances of winning!)

Achievers Training Hub – Art Jamming Session

Terms & Conditions:

  • Please ensure that you log in to the Gleam app using the same Facebook account that you used to leave a comment in Step 1.
  • Art Jamming Session is strictly by appointment and time slots are subject to availability.
  • Giveaway ends 3 April 2016 at 2359 hours.

Information on Achievers’ Training Hub:

Address: East Village Mall #01-96, 430 Upper Changi Road, Singapore 487048

Map: Click here for Google map location

Opening Hours: 

  • Monday to Friday 2:00pm to 9:00pm
  • Saturday and Sunday 10:00am to 9:00pm

You are encouraged to make an appointment by calling 9339 9499 before visiting.

Tel: 9339 9499

Official Website: Homepage | Facebook Page | Instagram

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