Amazonia Indoor Playground (Great World City, Singapore) Review


It’s been what… 4 years since I did my last review on Amazonia? Time passes so quickly and the kids are growing up so fast! Cliche, I know, but it’s true.  Many indoor playgrounds have opened (and closed) in the past 4 years.  But Amazonia has managed to stay around and improve themselves continuously to keep up with the competition.


In this post, I am not going to review the playground all over again since much of it hasn’t changed since.  And I mean that as a compliment because not all playgrounds are well-maintained, but I must say Amazonia has been pretty well-maintined.  Instead, I will just show you the changes and the areas I missed out from my previous review.  And throw in photos of my kids here and there just to remind myself how much they have grown.

Entrance Foyer


Okay, I didn’t pay much attention to what was around the entrance foyer before.  In the past, Amazonia restricted play time to only 2 hours even on weekdays.  So we would head straight to the play area.  But they have changed it to unlimited play time on weekdays now!


I couldn’t help noticing the dinosaurs around Amazonia.  I always thought Amazonia adopted a jungle / rainforest theme because, well, it is called Amazonia.  But they actually have quite a bit of dinosaur decoration and even their very own dinosaur toy collection for sale.  Not that I minded since my boys love dinosaurs.


Before entering the playground, there were shoe racks to leave our shoes and lockers to keep our valuables.  The lockers here cost $1 for 1 time usage. The kind that once you open, you cannot lock again unless you drop another $1 coin in.  I’m not a big fan of such lockers, but it’s better than having no lockers.

Imaginative Play Area


Amazonia used to be a known for its active play areas and offered little in terms of pretend play. (Not sure what’s active play or pretend play? Please read > this post <)  I was quite happy to notice that they have added this new area for pretend play.  This makes the playground a lot more attractive to the toddler group imo.


Not that my kids are still considered toddlers, but since this was the first play area we reached upon entering, they went right into it.  3 year old MY had a lot of fun with the activities boards on the wall.


While MF helped himself to the treasure trove of toys.  He found himself some pretty cool dinosaur toys with those orange hot-wheels style tracks – though we didn’t quite figure out how to assemble them together.


And he found toys that could pass off for his favourite Transformers, much to his delight.


Toddlers Play Area


The toddlers’ play area called Jungle Gym looked pretty much the same as 4 years ago.  So I shall not repeat everything I have said 4 years ago.


I know I know, my boys are a little too old and shouldn’t be in the toddler area which was meant for children below 3 years old.  But hey, there was hardly anyone around when we were there on a weekday morning.  Cut them some slack okay?


Vertical Active Play Area


Again, nothing has changed since 4 years ago here.  Other than my kids.


I’m so glad they are old enough to climb up to the top of the wavy slide and come down on their own now.  One other thing that has changed besides my kids is me.  I don’t have that kind of energy to climb up and down all these playgrounds like I did when MF was a still a baby anymore.


And I must say, I was  extremely impressed that the board for them to throw the ball into at the ball pit still works. I was half expecting it to no longer have light or sound or both.  But amazingly it roared and blinked as it should when a ball was thrown through the holes.


Space Ball


Okay, I got to admit I’m a super cheapo parent.  Usually if I have already paid for admission to an indoor playground, I wouldn’t pay for the additional frills like the ball zone at eXplorer Kids Downtown East or Laser Fury at Polliwogs Suntec.  I’ll just tell my kids, “Don’t waste money, play what is available.”  But hey, this was a media invitation, so Dominic (the GM of Amazonia) opened the Space Ball for the boys to try.   To say the boys were thrilled was an understatement.


The Space Ball cost $5.35 per person (on top of admission) for 5 minutes play.  5 minutes was way too short for my boys.  After they completed their trial, they kept bugging me to let them go again and for the rest of the day, they kept going, “Space Ball Space Ball”.  It was that fun to them.  But honestly, if I needed to pay for two kids, that’s $10.70 for 5 minutes of play.  I don’t spend that kind of money on my kids. Period.

3D Glow Golf Putters


If I were to spend the money, I would put my money here instead.  The glow-in-the-dark mini golf.   Like I said earlier, if I have already paid admission to an indoor playground, I am not easily swayed to pay any more for optional play zones.  But THIS.  This was an exception.  Firstly, the mini golf here was not charged by time.  It cost $8.60 per person for 9 balls. Which I thought was not that expensive and can probably keep my highly unskilled kids entertained for quite long.  And I doubt they would ask to play again and again because they would probably give up before they could complete the 9 holes.


The golf area was hidden behind closed doors, and when I stepped inside, I was like, WOAH! It was HUGE inside!  There were 9 holes of different themes – underwater theme, dinousaur theme, pirates theme etc.  You can see more photos on Amazonia’s website. And some of the equipment could move! Here’s a quick video to give you an idea:

Okay, I confess.  I would pay for this because it is me who wants to play.  They provided both long and short golf clubs here, so I guess there’s nothing stopping adults from playing.


I didn’t bring the kids in to play that day because I thought 3 year old MY would freak out.  He usually freaks out in dark places with strange noises – like the time we visit Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum.  But later on I was told that they could switch on the lights if your children find it too scary.



Amazonia has always had one of the best bistro among all the indoor playgrounds.  I was told that over the years, they have made changes to their menu.  Which is clever, because as a regular visitor of indoor playgrounds, I know how easy it is to get sick of indoor playgrounds’ food.


And mind you, the food here was not just the usual pasta, pizza, nuggets and fries that you get at indoor playgrounds.  They have all those, but they also had Asian food like tandoori prawns and beef redang! I highly recommend their redang.


And when it comes to coffee and tea, I have been to playgrounds that serve crappy coffee and charge you cafe prices for them.  It’s like they don’t allow you to bring outside beverages in and we have to make do with overpriced crappy coffee because you know how much we parents need our caffeine.  Imagine my happiness when the iced cafe mocha here was served. I shall let the photo do the talking.


And no, I am not advocating you give iced lemon tea to your kids.  MF was just being a very good model for me.  After almost 5 years of blogging, he is pretty good as what he does… Most of the time at least.  Oh yes, I almost forgot.  Very important thing: They have WIFI at the cafe!  Which means I can catch up on my Korean dramas while the kids play.. Alright!


Party Rooms

There were two party rooms at Amazonia.  They were easily two of the most gorgeous party rooms in Singapore.


The first one had a Princess theme and in place of the oh-so-boring plastic tables and chairs you generally find at kids party rooms, you would find three beautiful princess carriages inside.


The other room had a racing car theme.  Because as a mother of two boys, I cannot imagine holding birthday parties in the princess party room no matter how beautiful it was.  What would my guests say??


Check out the fancy wallpaper!  I felt like I was at an F1 race!


Again, no boring tables and chairs.  What you have here are racing car booths! Reminded me of Car Car Hotpot. I wondered if a party here would cost the same as air tickets for my whole family to Taiwan.


Dominic informed me that their party packages start from $978 (comes with 1 year membership for birthday child with 20% discount on entrance with unlimited playtime each visit).   Okay, still cheaper than air tickets to Taiwan.

Amazonia Entrance Fees / Play Rates

Non-member walk-in pricing:

  • Babies under 1: Free Tagging or Free entry with minimum spend of $10 at Bistro
  • 1 – 2 years old: $22
  • 3 – 12 years old: $33

They have different types of memberships, which you can find out more from their website.

In Summary…

At $33, Amazonia is still the most expensive indoor playground in Singapore.   One can argue that it is not THE most expensive because Pororo Park Singapore is more expensive, but I consider Pororo Park a different kind of playground altogether because of their character theme and shows.

In terms of what you get from their premium pricing, their active play area is still one of the best.  And their bistro is definitely the best.  I still remember when MF was still below 1, I would bring him to Amazonia and have my lunch there.

It was also great to have the imaginative play area – which is an area that toddlers can play without parents having to crawl after them.  This makes the $22 entrance fee for children aged 1 and 2 more worth it than before.

I was checking out their January Promotions and noticed that they had a prepaid card that cost $214 for 10 visits.  I forgot to enquire more about how long is the validity and whether it can be shared.  But I thought $214 for 10 visits was an extremely good deal!


The biggest problem that I faced at Amazonia was the lack of toilets, nursing room and diaper-changing facility in the playground itself.  I was told it wasn’t possible to build a toilet due to the infrastructure of the building, but they are looking into setting up nursing and diaper-changing facility.  Amazonia has actually tied up with Breast-Feeding Friends to promote breastfeeding in Singapore.  So we can look forward to events and amenities to support breastfeeding mums in future.

For now, if you want to nurse, you can request the staff to open up the golf room for you if you require total privacy.  Otherwise, the nearest nursing room is at level 1.

Information on Amazonia Indoor Playground

Address: #03-08 GREAT WORLD CITY, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Singapore 237994

Map: Click here for Google Map Location

Getting There: Click here for details

Tel: +65 6235 4522

Opening Hours: 10am to 9.30pm daily

Official Websites: Homepage | Facebook Page

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  • Winners will redeem their vouchers at Amazonia playground during check-in.

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