Bangkok Jam United Square – Thai Dining while kids Jam away

Recently I was out for lunch with Natasha (so.natty.sg) and she told me that Bangkok Jam at United Square had a small play area.   United Square? Woohooo!! That’s on the North-South Line!  Sometimes I feel like, if I map out all the eateries with play areas on the Singapore MRT map, NSL is probably be the most deprived line.  🙁

Bangkok Jam United Square Kids Play Area

The kids play area at Bangkok Jam United Square occupied the corner next to the shop window along the corridor.  Clever, so families walking by could see the play area right away and be tempted to dine there.

Bangkok Jam United Square 6

The play area looked pretty impressive from the outside because it was not very small.  But on close scrutiny, there was really not much for the kids to play with.

There was one parking garage toy, which kept MY occupied long enough while waiting for the food to come.

Bangkok Jam United Square 7

There was a Samsung Galaxy Tab Kids.  Not that I want to be picky, but if I want my kids to play with a tablet while dining, I do not need a play area.  I could go to any restaurant and let the kids play with our own iPad.  The whole point of looking for eateries with play areas is so that I could have a peaceful meal, without having to resort to smartphones and tablets.

Bangkok Jam United Square 8

There was also a box of Duplo bricks on the shelf at the side.

Bangkok Jam United Square 9

I got to say I was not very impressed.  I am extremely supportive of eateries with play areas.  We all know how expensive rental cost in Singapore is.  Hence it is commendable for businesses to turn some of that space into play areas for kids. But if you have already allocated that space for a play area, shouldn’t you make it count? I find it very strange that Bangkok Jam devoted such a big area to be used as a play area, but there were so few toys for kids to actually play with there.  In contrast, Royals Cafe dedicated only a tiny narrow space and managed to pack it with Lego / Duplo bricks, bead chasers and books.

*Update (22 May 2015)*

Bangkok Jam has made improvements to their play area! After I blogged about my visit, they posted the following reply on my Facebook Page:

bangkok jam united square play area update 3

It’s nice to know that they are taking their business and customer feedback so seriously! best  Here are the photos they shared on my Facebook Page of the improved play area:

bangkok jam united square play area update 1 bangkok jam united square play area update 2


Bangkok Jam United Square Weekday Lunch Special

Enjoying weekday lunch specials is a SAHM privilege.  Okay, not really, because there was a large office crowd dining there on a weekday afternoon.  SAHM or not, we all love a good weekday lunch special.

Bangkok Jam United Square 1

For $10.90++, you could choose a main dish from their Executive Lunch Sets menu and a drink (Lemongrass Cooler or Thai Milk Tea).  I chose Pad Thai (which the waiter assured me was not spicy) and Thai Milk Tea.

Bangkok Jam United Square 2

Bangkok Jam United Square 5

The Pad Thai was indeed not spicy, as long as you didn’t stir in the chilli powder at the side.  Two year old MY ate it with no complaints.

Bangkok Jam United Square 3

With the lunch set, I was entitled to order an item from the salad or street food section of the menu at HALF PRICE.  I love Thai salads, so I ordered a Mango Salad to go along.  It came with these spring rolls which MY could eat.  The salad itself was spicy though.

Bangkok Jam United Square 4

Manga Salad, usual price $12.50++.


Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of Bangkok Jam’s food. But I know Bangkok Jam has its fans (considering it was pretty crowded when I was there on a weekday afternoon).  So if you like Bangkok Jam and you are out with your kids, here’s a restaurant you should KIV!


Information on Bangkok Jam United Square

Address: United Square #02 – 06/07, 101 Thomson Road Singapore 307591

Getting There: Novena MRT (NS20)

Tel: 6353 5638

Opening Hours: 11:30am – 9:30pm

Official Websites: Homepage | Facebook Page

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