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May 25, 2017

What is BYKidO?

End of last year, we were really excited to share with you about BYKidO, a new membership concept that worked out great for parents (like me) who like to bring our kids out.  Did you catch the acronym by the way? BYKidO – Bring Your Kids Out?


If you’re too lazy to read our previous post, in a nutshell, BYKidO is a platform which aims to consolidate promotions, ideas and activities to Bring Your Kid Out in Singapore.

You ever heard of the Entertainer app? BYKidO is SOMETHING like that.  When you purchase the BYKidO Pass, you gain access to a whole bunch of discounts on playgrounds, attractions… even short getaways from Singapore!

How much does the BYKidO Pass cost?

The BYKidO Pass cost SGD30 for 6 months (SGD20 if you use our discount code BUMBLEBEEMUM*).

*details on promotion at end of the post

Note that 6 months doesn’t mean you get a pass with 6 months validity from the date you purchase it.   BYKidO renews their partners and promotions every half-yearly.  So a BYKidO Pass is either valid from Jan to June, or July to December of a particular year.

Since it’s May 2017 now, naturally you will want to know what are the promotions for July – December 2017 to decide whether or not to get the pass yah? To help you out, we have highlighted our favourite promotions below:

Busy Tables

We have raved about how much our kids love playing at Busy Tables on our blog.

Besides free play, Busy Tables also conducts playgroup classes for 1 – 3 year olds, and 3 – 6 year olds.  To help parents decide whether or not to enroll their kids in their playgroup classes, Busy Tables offer trial classes at $35 each.

With the BYKidO Pass, you will be entitled to 1 for 1 playgroup trial classes! That’s $35 savings already – more than what you would be paying for the pass!

Kidz Amaze

Kidz Amaze is the name behind two indoor playgrounds located at SAFRA Toa Payoh and SAFRA Jurong, and Singapore first indoor WATER playground at SAFRA Punggol.

Read more: Our reviews of Kidz Amaze at Toa Payoh, Jurong and Splash @ Kidz Amaze.

BYKidO Pass gives you 2 Free Family Packages with Kidz Amaze (worth up to $80) when you sign up for a Kidz Amaze Membership!

Kidz Amaze membership cost $25 if you’re a SAFRA member or $65 for non-SAFRA members.  I personally have the Kidz Amaze membership and I LOVE it.  Especially since I’m a SAFRA member and $25 is a steal imo! Their membership has no expiry.  You only need to sign up for one of your kids, and all your other kids can also enjoy member rates. You don’t even need to bring your card with you as you can just tell them your kid’s NRIC number to enter at membership price.

My Little Giant

My Little Giant is another indoor playground that my boys love.   They liked it so much that end of last year, we held MF’s 6th birthday party there!

With the BYKidO Pass, you get two free rides (worth $4 each) with every entry.  Not just that, if you book a party package with them, you can get a $50 game card!

That’s a super good deal imo, because when during MF’s birthday party there, I was topping up my game card for my guests – the kids loved playing the games.  That game card alone is worth more than what you’re paying for the BYKidO Pass!

Trampoline Parks

For older kids, trampoline parks offer a different kind of indoor fun.  Since we stay in Yishun, our boys have been to Katapult Trampoline Park at ORTO a couple of times.

With the BYKidO Pass, you can get 15% off general session and 20% off weekday party package at Katapult Trampoline Park!  So if you are planning to hold a weekday party at Katapult, you should definitely get the BYKidO Pass as it will give you $90 off your party booking – much more than the price of the pass.

And if you don’t stay in Yishun (I know.. People who don’t stay in Yishun don’t exactly love to come to Yishun), you can check out Zoom Park Singapore at Pandan Gardens, where BYKidO Pass holders can get free 30 min with minimum 1.5 hours jump time purchased.


Fun is not restricted to indoor playgrounds.  Doughworkz is a pizza & pasta making academy by Pastamania.  They have classes for children, as well as parent-child pairs.  The boys enjoyed their classes so much that every time we pass by a Pastamania, they ask, “Is this where we made pizza??”

BYKidO Pass holders would be able to sign up for a family bonding class at $35 per pair (UP $55) or individual class at $20 (UP $28).  That’s super value-for-money!

Singapore Zoo

BYKidO Pass’s promotions extend to popular family attractions in Singapore as well.  If you plan to bring your kids to Singapore Zoo,  BYKidO Pass holders can get discounted Singapore Zoo admission tickets, Adult tickets at $29 (UP $38) and Child tickets at $20 (UP $25), complete with unlimited tram ride.

Bird Park

Going over to Jurong Bird Park,  my boys love feeding the lories and having lunch with the parrots there.  BYKidO Pass holders can get discounted Jurong Bird Park admission tickets, Adult tickets for $24 (UP $34) and Child tickets for $15 (UP $22), complete with unlimited tram ride!

KidZania Singapore

If you follow our blog, you would know how much the boys love KidZania Singapore.  But their admission fee is not cheap at all.  Though we have recently highlighted some activities there that can make your admission rather worth it.

BYKidO Pass holders can get discounted KidZania Singapore admission tickets at $49 per child (UP $58) and $29 per adult (UP $35)!


“Once is Never Enough”.  The Sentosa luge is highly addictive! Everyone I know who has been on it loves it.

If you would like to give the Sentosa Luge + Skyride a try, BYKidO Pass holders can get Luge + Skyride tickets at $14 instead of UP $18.

Universal Studios Singapore

Do you have kids who are theme park junkies like mine?  BYKidO Pass holders can also get discounted admission tickets to Universal Studios Singapore at $64 per adult (UP $74) and $49 per child (UP$56)

Weekend Go Where

BYKidO Pass doesn’t just give you discount to bring your kids out in Singapore.  They now even have discounts for bringing your kids out of Singapore! Such as to Bintan Lagoon Resort which we just visited end of last year.

Partnering with WeekendsGoWhere, BYKidO Pass holders can get $10 discount for selected getaways to resorts in Bintan and Batam.

*BYKidO Early Bird Promotion

The above discounts are just some of the promotions available on BYKidO from July to December 2017.  Here’s the best part.. If you purchase the pass now, you will immediately gain access to over 80 promotions listed on BYKidO website, including those for the Jan – June 2017 BYKidO Pass!

And to sweeten the deal further, use our discount code BUMBLEBEEMUM to get the pass for $20 instead of $30!


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