Child-friendly Eu Yan Seng Chinese Physician clinics
May 22, 2012

In the past few months, MF has been coughing on and off.. We have seen so many doctors, even brought him to KKH (yes, we are paranoid first time parents).. We tried so many cough medication: Rhinathiol, bromhexane, Zenmolin, chloro-whatever whatever whatever… Yes, they were effective in curing the cough, but it would come back within days of recovering..

So finally we decided to see a Chinese physician. I have never seen a Chinese physician myself and am totally unfamiliar with what is available. Hence, I simply googled to find out which Chinese physicians are child-friendly. The results threw up the following:

Eu Yan Seng – Child Friendly Clinics

I continued to surf the website to find out which clinics are child-friendly, currently there are only 5: Camden, Bukit Panjang, Seng Kang, Sembawang and Tiong Bahru. (See full list of Eu Yan Seng clinics.)

Great! Firstly, at least I heard of Eu Yan Seng (I’m a sucker for big brand names), secondly it has a playroom, thirdly the Sembawang clinic is very near me!

After registering MF, we went in to check out the playroom. It was pretty well-kept and well-stocked with books and toys.




In the end, MF didn’t get to play at all, because there was no queue when we were there on a weekday afternoon!

The physician didn’t hit me as particularly friendly, and I need more time to see if the medication prescribed is effective.

The consultation fee is $16 for first visit, $10 for subsequent visits, which is so much cheaper than the western paediatricians who usually charge $50 and up! Medication cost $5.50 per day, but since MF is only 16 month old and it’s his first time taking Chinese medication, the doctor gave us 5 days’ worth or medicine, but packed it into portions to be taken over 7 days. The medication here is in powder form, packed into individual packets for each feed: Just open one packet, mix with water and feed. That’s really convenient for SAHM me.. I was still fearing having to brew herbs and everything, think I watch too much drama.

In total, we paid $16 + $5.50 x 5 = $43.50. That’s less than the consultation fee of MF’s usual paediatrician! If the medication is effective, I will probably bring MF here again next time he falls sick. *touch wood*

Update: I have stopped coming to this TMC clinic.  I visit Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution instead, which I have found to be cheaper and better.

Information on Eu Yan Seng Sembawang Clinic

Address: 355 Sembawang Way #01-03, Singapore 750355

Map: Click here for google map location

Getting There: Sembawang MRT

Tel: 6556 4528

Opening Hours: 9am – 9pm Daily
*Closed for Lunch: 12.30pm – 1pm & Dinner: 6pm – 6.30pm
*Closed on Public Holidays

Official Website: Eu Yan Seng Clinic Homepage


  • Vienna says:

    Hi Bumblebeemum, did your son get well? My son (21 months) has been falling sick often too and I am considering TCM as well for him but not sure where and who to go to. And how did you get your son to take the medicine?

    • bumblebeemum says:


      Nope, his cough didn’t recover after 1 week of Chinese medication.. And I find Eu Yan Seng’s medicine a bit expensive ($5.50 per day) to keep taking, so I stopped.. 🙁

      Chinese medicine tastes a bit bitter, so some kids won’t take.. First few times, MF took a few sips and refused to take anymore.. But after a while I think he got used to the taste and started taking it willingly.

  • emily says:

    so end up how your son recover ? can share

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