Confinement? What confinement?
January 30, 2013

MY is 20 days old today! And I finally motivated myself to blog. Well, every time MY falls asleep, I need to prioritize the things to do: Sleep, eat, go toilet, bath, facebook, whatsapp, SMS etc etc. So you can see, I am very busy and blogging is nowhere near top priority (in case you are wondering, facebook is.)

This time round, we have nobody helping out during my confinement. Everyday, it’s just me and MY at home. (MF goes to my in-laws place when hubby is at work.) People have been asking me, “How do you cope on your own??” And my reply is, “Are you kidding me? I am having the time of my life!” I am not being sarcastic.. It’s true! Without MF around, I have time to eat, sleep, shit, watch TV, play with my phone etc etc. After spending 2 years with MF every single day, what’s so difficult about spending a month with a newborn baby? He can’t roll, jump, run nor climb up and down, can’t whine, can’t say ‘NO!’, can’t pour toys all over the floor, can’t empty every single drawer and cupboard in the house.. You get the idea. It’s a BLISS to be home alone with baby!

But of course, because there is nobody else in the house, as the saying goes.. When the cat is not around, the mice come out to play. With nobody around watching what I do and nagging at me, I have broken just about every confinement rule there is.


Rule #1: No going out

Are you serious? Then who’s going to bring MY to see the doctor? He’s on total breastfeeding, so even if hubby takes leave, I still need to go along. MY has been pretty jaundiced and we have been asked to go for blood test every other day, so yes, I have been going out pretty often.

Rule #2: No touching water

Well.. I need to bath baby and change his diapers (and surely you wash your hands after changing diapers?), so yes, I have been touching A LOT of water.

Rule #3: No bathing, or bath with herbal water

No, I am not going to waste precious time and energy boiling herbs to bath. So I just bath normally.

Rule #4: No drinking plain water

By right I should be drinking longan red date water, and I actually did that for the first two weeks. Every morning, I would boil a big pot of longan red date water and drink just that. But when MY’s jaundice remained dangerously high after 2 weeks, I was told to stop drinking longan red date water or stop breastfeeding. Clearly I chose the former. And so, it has been plain water for me ever since.. Tons of it! (Breastfeeding mums are always thirsty.)

Rule #5: No eating bread

To be honest, I only learnt about this rule yesterday. Too late, I have been eating bread for breakfast every single morning before that. It’s the most convenient thing to eat! My morning schedule doesn’t allow me enough time to cook mee sua. I still need to do laundry, brush teeth, wash face, bath baby, feed baby… And oh yes, check my facebook and post some baby photos.

Rule #6: Eat confinement food for 4 weeks

I ate confinement food for 2 weeks, but was asked to stop because baby is jaundiced. Since then, I haven’t eaten a single slice of ginger. Also, MY’s full month falls right smack during Chinese New Year, so we are going to be celebrating his full month when he is 3 weeks old (because my in-laws say we cannot celebrate late, can only celebrate early). So am I supposed to look at all the yummy food during his full month party while I munch away on my sad confinement food in a corner? I don’t think so.

Rule #7: No fan / aircon

Sorry, can’t do. Singapore is simply too hot.


I don’t know what other rules there are in the confinement-rule-book, but whatever they are, I am sure I have already broken them at one point or another. As the old people will say, I will suffer when I am older. But right now, I am enjoying every minute of my ‘confinement’! Carpe Diem!

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