Cycling with baby at East Coast Park

MF’s first visit to East Coast Park was when he was merely 5 month old.. Not the best experience, I have to say.. There was nothing much for MF to do there, he hated the heat, and he needed his milk every 2-3 hours and there’s no nursing room at East Coast Park (unless you are going to Polliwogs, then you can use the nursing room there).  I tried to nurse him with a nursing shawl, but it was just too hot, so we ended up shopping at Parkway Parade, where there are proper nursing rooms.

Now that MF is almost 10 month old, and could go hours without his milk, we decided to bring him there again to enjoy the great outdoor! We wanted to go cycling, and there are a few options:

  • Cycle normally, with MF in the carrier
  • Cycle normally, but get bicycle child seat and put MF inside
  • Get a wagon and put MF in front
If you haven’t been to East Coast Park in years, you will be surprised by how common it is to cycle with kids / babies these days! All bicycle shops now rent bicycles with child seat and every other bicycle wheezing past has a child on it. There is also the wagons that can carry multiple people and kids can sit in front.  We opted for the wagon, as MF still seemed a bit too young for the bicycle’s child seat.
The wagon comes in 2 sizes:
  • the smaller one that can fit 2 kids in front and 3 adults behind ($30 for 1 hour)
  • the bigger one that can fit 2 kids in front and 6 adults behind ($40 for 1 hour)
The bicycle shop allowed us to try it out for a while, to see if MF could sit in it first, before renting it.  We fitted MF nicely into the seat and buckled him up.  We even brought our own steering wheel toy so that MF could have a drive, and a stroller fan (which we later realize was not necessary, because as we cycled, there was a continuous breeze blowing in MF’s face).
We went for a short ride and MF kinda enjoyed it, so we decided to rent it for an hour. The person gave us 1.5 hours instead.
The wagon was a bit tiring to ride, so the 3 adults took turns to ride it.  MF really enjoyed the wind blowing in his face.
Look how happy he is! Seeing MF enjoy himself so much made the expensive rental fee all worth it. Anyway, he only had the patience to sit in front for about half an hour (A great achievement by MF’s standards!) before he started to make noise and wanting to be carried.  So we carried him for the rest of the way and fed him some baby biscuits at the back.
When MF is a bit older, I’m going to try the bicycle with child seat instead… This wagon is too tiring (and expensive).. But it was really fun, for the novelty.
If your kid is a bit older, they also have cars / bikes for kids for rental. (Look for the DJ Rides rental next to Burger King).

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