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As a stay-home mum, our social calendars tend to be a bit unorthodox.  When we want to meet up with fellow stay-home mums, the best time to do so tends to be weekday mornings after we drop off the kids in school.  Unfortunately, not many cafes are open on weekday mornings.  Not counting McCafe and Starbucks that is.

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 02

Last week I wanted to meet my friend who stays at Holland Village for brunch.   She introduced me to D’Good Cafe which opens at 10am.  Including MONDAYS.  I can’t tell you how difficult it is to find a cafe that opens on Mondays. I am a total auntie and I have always related Monday closures with wet markets.  It wasn’t until my birthday last year, which fell on a Monday, that I realised cafes also like to close on Mondays.  Grrr…

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review (01)

And so I took the long MRT ride to Holland Village to check out D’Good Cafe.  I am going to sound totally like a frog in the well but OMG.  I had no idea how pretty the cafe was!

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 04

I arrived before my friend and went around taking photos NON-STOP.

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 10

The cafe occupied the second and third floors.  There were seating areas on both storeys.

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 11

The second storey was soooo cozy!  It was a strictly no-work no-studying zone.  Purely for eating and chilling.

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 05

I super LOVE the swing seats!

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 06D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 08

And when I go to pretty cafes, I tend to spend a lot of time checking out the details.  All the decor here were just too pretty for words.

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 07D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 09

And I spy some high chairs! Sorry, occupational hazard.  I know I should be raving about the gorgeous pictures but I couldn’t help noticing the high chairs.

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 32

Let’s move on to check out the third storey!

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 12

The third storey was like a hip study corner.

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 13

During non-peak hours, patrons were allowed to study and use their laptops on the third storey.

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 14

This table is my favourite table of all.  Because yup, coffee makes everything better. And the cookie stools were so cute!

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 33

And guess what? I found my grandma’s sewing machine below the table!  This is the second time I spotted a sewing machine making its way to a cafe as a dining table.  Seems to be the trend.

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 16

Now get this.  Next to my favourite table, there was a KIDS CORNER!

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 19

At the kids corner, there was a small table with a toy cash register, Sesame Street puppets and a rocking horse.

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 17

It may not seem like much, but I can imagine little girls here playing 家家酒 with the dolls and cash register.

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 18

There was also a row of vintage winding toys.

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 21

I’m not sure if they were meant for kids to play because they looked pretty fragile.  Probably not.  Quite sure they would break if my boys got their hands on them.

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 20

On the third storey, there was also a rooftop alfresco dining area.

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 22

It looked like it has been set up for a wedding with the tentage and flowers!

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 23

Details, details.

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 25

I bet it’s super romantic to come here for a date.  In the evening that is.  It was scorching hot when I was there in the day time.

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 24

And just to remind us that we were in Holland Village, there was a little windmill.

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 26

Okay, we were not there for sightseeing.  So let’s move on to the food.  While waiting for my friend, I started with a cappucino.  It came with a cute Totoro! Cute latte art makes me so happy!

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 03

When my friend came, we decided to get one of their signature Deutsch Skillet Pancake to share.  They had quite a variety of toppings, some sweet and some savoury.

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 27

We ordered the one with banana and cornflakes (forgot its official fanciful name) which was under the sweet pancakes section.  It was so good! The crispy cornflakes went so well with the soft banana and pancake!

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 27 (2)

So the pancakes was breakfast.  We went on to lunch.  For lunch, I ordered their lobster bisque which came with either pasta or bread.

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 28

The first spoonful, I felt it was very fishy with an over-powering seafood taste.  But after a few mouths, I actually started to enjoy it and finished everything!  I guess it’s an acquired taste.  However, if you do not like oysters, please stay away from this dish.  The taste of the oyster was very strong.

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 29

They had some lunch promotion where I could top up for a drink and molten lava cake.  Which I did.  It is kind of my philosophy when visiting a cafe or restaurant.  If I like them, I would order dessert.  If they pissed me off somewhere along the way, I would skip dessert.  So far I was totally happy with D’Good Cafe.

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 30

It is quite hard to find good molten lava cake and I have had some that were not quite molten before.  Thankfully the one here was pretty moist and had some molten lava.  Though not exactly those waaahhh, flowing out kind of lava.

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 31

In Summary…

I am SO in love with D’Good Cafe! It is a bit hard not to love the decor of the cafe, don’t you think so?  I like that they keep part of their cafe off-limits to the study / laptop crowd.  If you ever had problem finding seats at Starbucks, you would appreciate this policy.  And the kids play area, while not much, was a bonus.

Food wise, I love the Deutsch Skillet Pancake and would definitely go back to try the other flavours.   I also love their coffee – especially when it comes with cute latte art!

Overall, this is an awesome cafe if you are looking for a kids-friendly place to have a weekday brunch.  Especially on a Monday.  Considering there was a crowd even on a weekday, I’m guessing this place is packed on weekends.

Information on D’Good Cafe:

Address: 273 Holland Avenue #02-01/02, Singapore 278992

Getting There: Holland Village MRT (CC21)

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Opening Hours:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 10pm
  • Friday & Saturday: 10am to 11pm

Tel: 6219 9807

Official Websites: Homepage | Facebook Page | Instagram

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D'Good Cafe - Holland Village Singapore - Bumble Bee Mum

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  • Dorothy Cheong says:

    Another piece of great sharing. I enjoyed reading. Thank you for your blog.

  • Oh am geeeee!!! Your posts are always so detailed and I love it! There are a few changes and instagram-worthy decor pieces added ever-since my first visit. On my last visit with the hubby, we just stayed put at level 2 and didn’t have much time to go on “photo-bombing” (as my boy puts it when I keep taking photos, lol). Thanks for linking up, Lin Ying! Will link you up on my post too!

  • What an absolutely enchanting café. I’m inspired to visit when next we are in Singapore – hopefully in a month or two. How was the coffee, was it well balanced?

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Let me disclaim that I am no coffeee connoisseur but they take a lot of pride in their coffee brewing here:

      I think their coffee was pretty good, though I’m not sure how you define well balanced. :p

      This cafe is pretty easy to get to since it is near the MRT though Holland Village station can be a bit tricky to get to from town. Do let me know when you are in Singapore!

  • Adeline says:

    Ooohhh such a pretty cafe! And the food looks good too! Must try and go down one of these days to try it out, and I hear you on the closed on Mondays thingy. So strange that so many places are closed on Mondays, isn’t it?

  • Meiling says:

    What a gorgeous cafe. I think you won’t feel like you are in Singapore in this cafe. Will definitely drop by to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

  • Danessa says:

    I love how much details the cafe owners have added here and there into this venue. The swings, the sewing-machine-turned-table, the alfresco dining area… plus good coffee! I will keep this cafe in mind for my next date with the hubs.

  • Jolin says:

    Ohh… the cafe is so beautiful, all the little details and the atmosphere. I love the rooftop alfresco area, but probably not during the hot afternoon period. Holland V is not too far from me, maybe will drop by some day with the hub and kiddos.

  • Waiwai says:

    What a lovely cafe! Shall drop by one day! Thanks for sharing!

  • What a pretty cafe! Do they have power points near any of the tables? I tend to pick cafes based on their power point access because I work on the run!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Oh, they do! I noticed it because I wanted to use my laptop too. But they do not allow laptops on level 2, only on level 3. If you go non-peak hours, you should be able to secure a table near a power point. Peak hours wise they may all be choped. :p

  • Ai Sakura says:

    I haven’t been to D’good for some time and nice that they have a little kids corner, although it’s kinda bare.. but better than nothing haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I can actually imagine my friends’ girls playing pretend there with the sesame street dolls. I am amazed by how those girls can just entertain themselves during a meal with their dolls. My boys? Forget it… Unless I BYO cars for them to run on the carpet.

  • Susan says:

    Such an Instagram worthy cafe to check out! I don;t get to check out cafes much on Mondays, but yes it’s one thing that I loathe too, cafes being closed on Mondays..

  • Angie.S says:

    Holland V is a stone’s throw away from where we live and Dana’s kindy used to be in that hood but I’ve never stepped into this cafe….Looks like a visit is a must soon!

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