Diggersite Roadshow @ J Cube (Jurong East) Singapore
August 5, 2016

Diggersite - Operate a mini digger at J Cube Singapore - Bumble Bee Mum

Ever since MY was born, I haven’t had much chance to go out alone with MF.  When it was just MF, I used to bring him EVERYWHERE in Singapore once confinement ended.  But when his little brother came along, MF started nursery and he was always the one stuck in school while I brought his brother everywhere.

Next year, MF is going to start Primary School.  So before that happens, I decided to try to bring MF out alone more while MY is in school.  Just to lessen my own mummy guilt.  So on Monday, I brought MF to Jurong East and I gave him 3 choices of things to do:

I was secretly hoping he would choose the earlier two because those were free (haha!), but kid was smart.  He chose Diggersite.  Not that I minded frankly.

Diggersite J Cube Blog Review 19

I have been wanting to visit Diggersite at East Coast Park for the longest time ever.  For a period of time shortly after they opened, all my friends were flocking there! Just like how they flocked to Marine Cove playground a month or two back.  Really.. Why must all the good things be at East Coast Park???  Can we have something good at a place with MRT? And preferably with air-con please?

Diggersite J Cube Blog Review 18

Wah.. Diggersite read my mind. Either that or I’m not the only parent around who loves MRT accessibility and air-con.  I was so happy when my sister told me they were having a road show at J Cube.  So I guess I have no more excuses not to visit!

Diggersite J Cube Blog Review 08

The site at J Cube was smaller than the one at East Coast Park.  There were 3 stations there, and I don’t know the official names for them, so I am going to come up with my own names.

The UFO Catcher

Diggersite J Cube Blog Review 04

The moment I saw this machine, I was like, that’s a UFO catcher lah!! The kind you find at arcades to catch soft toys.  This was supposed to be the easiest station.

Diggersite J Cube Blog Review 03

We started with step-by-step instructions by the staff.  Who I think totally deserves a bonus.  That guy was SO super friendly and enthusiastic about his job!!  After a quick lesson (followed by High 5) from him, MF was ready to begin his first challenge!

Diggersite J Cube Blog Review 06

It took MF a while for him to get the grasp of it.    Check out how focused he was.  If only he was half as focused when learning his spelling!

Diggersite J Cube Blog Review 07

Eventually MF managed to pick up 3 balls in 5 minutes.  Not bad for a first-timer I think?  Our success rate here was definitely higher than with UFO catchers in arcades!   And the look of joy when MF successfully transferred the ball to the bucket was just priceless.

Diggersite J Cube Blog Review 05

The Digger

Diggersite J Cube Blog Review 09

Although this place was called ‘Diggersite’, I thought only this machine was technically a digger? No? I mean.. The rest of the machines don’t exactly dig?

Diggersite J Cube Blog Review 10

So anyway, the point of this station was obvious.  Pick up the sand with the digger and transfer them to the buckets at the side.

Diggersite J Cube Blog Review 11

The UFO catcher was supposed to be the easiest station and this one was the next level.  But I thought MF was much better at this! Maybe he was simply getting the hang of the machines in general.

Diggersite J Cube Blog Review 12

The Bowling Alley

Diggersite J Cube Blog Review 13

In the third station, which was supposed to be the hardest of the three, MF had to pick up wooden logs with the claws and release them on the ramp to knock down the bottles at the end.

Diggersite J Cube Blog Review 17

Okay, here we go.  MF was a bit confused on which handle to move and in which direction initially.

Diggersite J Cube Blog Review 15

Oh! I almost forgot to mention.  There were instructions at the front of the machine in case you forget how to operate it.  I think older children should be able to understand the instructions, but younger ones would need their parents’ help with it.

Diggersite J Cube Blog Review 14

MF seemed to be naturally talented at this.  He had no trouble picking up the logs.

Diggersite J Cube Blog Review 16

And just when I thought it was so easy-peasy, it turned out picking up the log was the easy part.  The log had to be placed carefully on the ramp to knock down the pins.  You can see in the gif below that although I thought MF had placed the log perfectly on the ramp, the log rolled off the ramp instead of going straight to knock the bottles down.

Diggersite J Cube Blog Review 20

Not so easy after all!

In Summary…

Diggersite is an activity for children aged 2 and above.  I asked the staff what is the minimum and maximum age, he said minimum age was 2, maximum age was 99.  LOL.. Gotta love that guy.  Someone give him a bonus please.  In short, there is no stopping adults who want to try it out too!

Initially, the staff asked if I wanted to sit together with 5 year old MF to help him, but I thought he was old enough to handle it on his own, and I was right.  But I imagined if I brought 3 year-old MY, I would probably have to sit with him to help him operate.

The activity was quite addictive and after visiting this roadshow in J Cube, I told myself I have to go to their flagship branch at East Coast Park which apparently has more machines!  But for now, I am super loving it at J Cube because of the easy access by MRT.  And air-con.

Diggersite Pricing

The normal price for 1 token is $7.  Each token gives you 5 minutes at one machine.  So if you want to play all 3 machines at J Cube, you will need 3 tokens.

You can also sign up for their membership card which gives you 10 tokens for $50, bringing the price down to $5 per play.  However, the membership card is only valid for 3 months.  It is transferable though, so I recommend sharing this with your friends!

Diggersite J Cube Blog Review 01

And only till 9 August 2016, they are having a National Day promo where they give 3 free tokens with the purchase of a membership.  They makes it $50 for 13 tokens, bringing the price further down to $3.85 per token, which I found very reasonable! Needless to say, I signed up for it.


Diggersite J Cube Blog Review 02

Information on Diggersite Roadshow @ J Cube:

Address: J Cube #03-17, 2 Jurong East Central 1, Singapore 609731

Map: Click here for Google Maps location

Getting There: Jurong East MRT (EW24 / NS1)

Official Websites: Facebook Page | Instagram

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Diggersite - Operate a mini digger at J Cube Singapore - Bumble Bee Mum

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