DIY candy buffets for parties!
August 14, 2013

Last month, MF and MY attended their cousin, Ashley’s, 8th birthday party at eXplorer Kid.  Ashley’s mum a.k.a my SIL, the same SIL who did the awesome diaper cake and introduced me to Oriental Trading, throw the best parties because she is soooo good at DIY stuff and coming up with fancy party ideas!

Barbie Themed Candy Buffet

Ashley’s birthday party theme was ‘Barbie’.  So my SIL created a DIY Barbie-themed candy buffet!

Cupcake holders and plastic bags were provided for the kids to fill up with candies to eat at the party.

You can buy whatever candy you fancy, from jellies, to chocolates, to cookies, to marshmallows etc etc!  If you are throwing a party for younger toddlers, you can always use snacks like Baby Bites and star puffs.

Notice how the signs are Barbie-themed and she even made Barbie stickers to paste on the containers? She also made a pretty banner that says “Ashley’s Candyland”.

I was most impressed by the push-up cakes.  First, she bought the push-up cake containers which comes in a box like this:

Then she baked her own chocolate cake and used icing and stuff to fill it up.

Oh well.. I can’t bake, and I don’t think I am half as hardworking as my SIL to do this! But I got an idea for lazy people.. You can buy small macaroons that fit and fill up the containers with macaroons instead!

But the again, that kind of defeats the purpose of saving money to DIY, since macaroons cost a bomb. Just a thought…

And here is MF thoroughly enjoying the Candyland!

Lego Themed Candy Buffet

Update:  I decided to try my hand at creating a DIY candy buffet during MY’s 1st birthday party! The theme was Lego, and this was the buffet tray I came up with, using Lego bricks!

NOT BAD RIGHT? Lol… Visit my post on MY’s 1st birthday party to read more about my Lego themed candy buffet bar!

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