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E-Sarn Thai Cuisine (The Grandstand) - Bumble Bee Mum

Why am I not surprised that The Grandstand has yet another eatery with play area? During one of our recent visits to The Grandstand, we noticed that E-Sarn Thai Cuisine has added a play area for kids!

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For the uninducted, The Grandstand is one of my favourite malls in Singapore.  It now houses 2 indoor playgrounds (Fidgets World and Kiddy Fun) and 4 eateries with play areas:

Competition is getting really stiff here. If only they build a playground in the middle of Pasar Bella!  But I think I’m getting too greedy.

The Play Area

There is only one Little Tikes play structure in the play area here.  It is bigger than the one at Latte E Miele and while it didn’t look like much, it was enough to keep the kids occupied while the adults finished up our meal.

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The playground was meant for children aged 2 to 6.  They have covered the flooring with foam play mat to cushion any falls.  But because the play structure is quite tall for toddlers, an adult will probably have to be around to watch the young ones.  My kids aged 3 and 5 had no problem playing on their own.

E-Sarn Thai Cuisine (The Grandstand) Review 07

If you pick a table along the corridor, you can easily keep an eye on your children from your table.  But the chairs at the tables along the corridor weren’t the most comfortable.

E-Sarn Thai Cuisine (The Grandstand) Review 02

They had booth seats that were more comfortable inside the restaurant and great for sleeping kids.

E-Sarn Thai Cuisine (The Grandstand) Review 06

But unfortunately you can’t see the play area if you sit inside.  Guess you can’t have the best of both worlds.

E-Sarn Thai Cuisine (The Grandstand) Review 05

The Food

What I liked about their menu was that you could choose between two sizes, small or large, for some items.   We had 4 adults in our group, so we ordered a large pad thai to share.  The pad thai didn’t come with chili flakes, which I found quite puzzling, but we didn’t ask about it.

E-Sarn Thai Cuisine (The Grandstand) Review 10

Pad Thai – Large ($15.50)


We also ordered a small pineapple rice.  Not the best pineapple rice I’ve had, pretty bland in my opinion.  But it had quite a generous amount of pineapple chunks inside.

E-Sarn Thai Cuisine (The Grandstand) Review 12

Pineapple Rice – Small ($9.50)


And who goes to a Thai restaurant without ordering Tom Yum soup? The tom yum soup here was the way I like it – not too spicy.  I find Tom Yum soup in Singapore tend to be very spicy, but the one here was okay for me, despite the fact that you can see the chili flakes floating around.

E-Sarn Thai Cuisine (The Grandstand) Review 11

Tom Yum Soup – Small ($9.50)


Our family loves Massaman curry.  We were pretty eager to try their Massaman curry, especially since it was indicated as a Chef’s Recommendation on their menu.  However we were all disappointed.  None of us were a fan of this dish.

E-Sarn Thai Cuisine (The Grandstand) Review 13

Massaman Curry – Small ($13.50)


One concern we always have when eating Thai food with kids is that the kids wouldn’t have anything to eat.  But I guessed if they bothered to set up a play area for kids here, they should have kids menu right? While they did not have a kids menu, they did indicate on their menu which items were suitable for kids with a smiley face.

E-Sarn Thai Cuisine (The Grandstand) Review 14

We ordered one of the smiley face dishes, Chicken Noodle Soup, for the kids.  I didn’t try it, but the kids all ate with no complaints.  So I guess it’s fine.

E-Sarn Thai Cuisine (The Grandstand) Review 09

Chicken Noodle Soup – one size only ($9.50)


They charge for water here at 50 cents a cup – something I’m not a fan of.  But I usually order a Thai iced tea when dining at Thai restaurants. Oh well, I prefer the Thai iced tea at Tuk Tuk Cha.

E-Sarn Thai Cuisine (The Grandstand) Review 08

Thai Iced Tea, Thai Iced Coffee, Fresh Lemongrass Juice ($5 each)


In Summary…

Overall I felt the food at E-Sarn Thai Cuisine pretty average.  Our family hangs out at The Grandstand a lot.  So I am more than happy to have one more choice of a family-friendly restaurant here.

Compared to our usual haunts at The Grandstand, the play area here couldn’t keep the kids occupied as long as the one at Treehouse Cafe.  However, Treehouse Cafe’s food is overpriced and terrible.  At least the food here was okay.  Overall, I still prefer Scrumptious at the Turf, especially since kids dine free at Scrumptious.  But I think if we’re out with the grandparents, they would probably prefer Thai food to Western food.  So it’s good to have this option.

Where family-friendly Thai restaurants are concerned, there is still Bangkok Jam at United Square.  I prefer the food at Bangkok Jam to E-Sarn, so that’s where I would go if I had Thai food craving.

Information on E-Sarn Thai Cuisine:

Address: 200 Turf Club Road, #01-13 The Grandstand (formerly Turf City),  Singapore 287994

Map: Click here for Google Map Location

Phone: 6468 4484

Opening hours:

  • Tues-Sun: 11.30am – 2.30pm and 5.30pm – 10pm (Last orders at 9 pm)
  • Closed on Mondays

Official Websites: Homepage | Facebook Page | Instagram

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