Excellent customer service experience at Hokey Pokey

Recently, my friend went to Hokey Pokey at Suntec City after winning a free family pass from a magazine contest.

She went on a weekend and there was a birthday party going on. When the kids from the party came out to play, they were playing very rowdily. My friend said the Hokey Pokey staff were very stern with the kids and reprimanded them when they got out of hand.

It was great to hear that the playground took safety seriously. At most playgrounds I visited, the only thing the staff do is collect money and clean up the place. Only at Hokey Pokey do I consistently hear of staff instilling discipline and entertaining the kids.

But that is not all… After my friend went back, she received a call from them to personally apologise for the rowdiness of the party kids, and they offered to mail her vouchers to extend their apologies!

Few days later, my friend received two $5 and two drinks vouchers. Happily, she brought her kids back to Hokey Pokey again for a second visit soon.

I think Hokey Pokey is the first indoor playground in Singapore to offer such personal and warm customer service. As I posted before, there is something intrinsic about the way this place is ran that allows it to stand out from the rest of the playgrounds. Come down and experience it for yourself, so far all my friends who have been here love it here!


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