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First Visit to eXplorer Kid Downtown East (12 Oct 2011)

On Monday, hubby worked half-day and since it was raining heavily, we decided to go somewhere indoors. So I suggested going to Downtown East to check out eXplorer Kid!

When we arrived, I was told it was Member’s Day. Lucky me! I signed up for the membership ($15 $18, no expiry! Actually it does expire.. when the kid reaches 12, but that’s as good as no expiry) and MF gets to enter for just $4 for the whole day! Each adult needs to pay $2 (unless you’re NTUC Plus member, in which case you pay $1).

Once we passed through the gate, the floor was all cushioned and I decided to let MF out of the carrier and crawl on his own.  There is SO much space for him to crawl and he was SUPER excited, crawling all over the place!

I found a hole in one of the soft structure and dumped MF inside so that I could take pictures of the place:

They were blasting Disney and Barney music in the background, which made the whole place feel like Disneyland! To add to the Disneyland feel, there was even a map of the place and a sign post showing you the direction to the various areas.

MF was getting impatient, being confined to the little hole when there was so many interesting things to explore around… So it’s time to let him out! He quickly crawled towards ‘The Cave’ nearby, which is a dark tunnel with small little coloured lights inside.

Halfway through the tunnel, there is a sign to an area called ‘Forest’.  It is a narrow area with tall structures that look like leaves and a few mushrooms scattered around.  MF had a bit of fun banging on (and attempting to eat) the mushrooms.

Moving on… Exiting from the other end of the tunnel, you will be greeted by the toddler’s play area (for kids under 3 years old).  There are many soft structures for you to build your own tunnel and a ball pit.  Guess what MF did the moment he reached there? He climbed up the stairs and drowned himself in the ball pit!! The ball pit had four balloon hoops where you can throw the balls through.. So while MF was happily swimming in the ball pit, hubby and I had a little competition to see who could get more balls into the hoops.

Next to the toddler’s play area, there is a giant Lit Ball Pool!! This is my absolute favourite.. However, it is only for kids above 3 years old.  I attempted to bring MF inside.. But was chased out by a staff almost immediately (but not after taking a photo!).  The staff here are really alert and ensuring people keep to the play rules.. Which is a good thing. 🙂

After MF was warmed up enough in the toddler’s area, it was time to bring him to the big kids area called ‘Mega Play’! I’m so glad hubby was around.. He crawled with MF through the whole area at least 3 times! (Did I ever mention MF is super active?)  I only crawled through 1 time to take pictures, and I felt so tired after that.

Ah… So proud of my 9-month old son for making it to the top…

Okay, so while hubby was keeping MF entertained in the Mega Play area, I went around to check out the other stuff they had.

There is a rock-climbing wall called ‘The Cliff’:

And activities that have a seperate charge, namely a rope course called Adventure Highland ($5.50 per circuit), bumber car rides called ‘Ice Bumper Car’ (forgot price) and an area called ‘Ball City’ where you can climb around and shoot sponge balls at each other ($5.50 for half an hour).


There is also a nursing room within eXplore Kid itself.. Near the toilets (follow the passageway between Mega City and Ball City).

If you are there alone with your kid, it would be a good idea to store your valuables in a locker.  There are coin lockers ($1) in the Shoe Store (outside the play area, where you keep your shoes) and inside the play area, behind Mega City.

If you need to take a break, check out The Mound.  It is a rest area with vending machines and… massage equipment!  But one thing that should be here but isn’t.. HIGH CHAIRS.. So bad news if you need to feed your baby / toddler here. 🙁

There are also many party rooms available here… Hubby had so much fun that he was tempted to book a room to celebrate MF’s birthday here! But we dropped the idea, since most of the people attending the party would be adults.

Overall, I think it was worth every cent of the entrance fee… $4 for the whole day! When the Ang Mo Kio outlet opens, I will be camping at eXplorer Kid every Monday (non-school holidays, that is.. Their charges are kinda expensive during school holidays)!


Update on eXplorer Kid Downtown East (27 April 2013)

Ever since eXplorer Kid at AMK Hub opened, I haven’t been to the one at Downtown East since AMK Hub is so much nearer to home.  Last weekend, we were at eXplorer Kid @ Downtown East for a birthday party, and I noticed that the place had shrunk!

The whole area beyond ‘The Cave’ is gone.  Previously, there used to be the Lit Ballpool and toddler’s play area there.  They have shifted these to the area beside the rock climbing wall, where the ice bumper cars used to be.


If you walk down the stairs next to the Lit Ballpool, you will find the new toddler’s play area, which is not much besides the ball pit.  Oh well, the old toddler’s play area wasn’t that much fun anyway.IMG_4108IMG_4107


eXplorer Kid Admission Fee (Play Rate)

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Address: 3rd floor of E!hub, Downtown East, 1 Pasir Ris Close, Singapore 519599

Opening Hours:
*Off-peak days: Monday to Thursday, open from 12 noon to 10pm.
**Peak days: Friday to Sunday Eve of Public Holidays, Public Holidays, Gazetted School Holiday, PSLE Marking Days open from 10 am to 10 pm.

Website: Official homepage | facebook page


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