eXplorer Kid entrance fees eXplained

The above table shows the entrance fee for eXplorer Kid (for both Downtown East and Ang Mo Kio Hub outlets).  When I first saw it on their website, I couldn’t make much sense of it.. Neither could several of my friends.. But now that I understand, let me try to explain:

They have off-peak days and peak days.  Off-peak days are Mondays – Thursdays which are not eve of public holidays, public holidays or school holidays (both the holidays at the end of each term as well as the small holidays such as PSLE marking days etc.)  Peak days are everything else: Fridays – Sundays and eve of public holiday / public holiday / school holidays. If you have NO idea whether or not it is a school holiday, or you’re still confused, I suggest you just call them up to check if the day you are visiting is a peak or off-peak day.

On off-peak days, their entrance fee is for the whole day.. i.e. you get unlimited play time for a single price: $20 for public, $17 for NTUC Plus / Nebo Plus members, $9 for eXplorer Kid members.

On peak days, they charge by the hour: $22 for first hour and $6 for subsequent hour for public, $20 for first hour and $6 for subsequent hour for NTUC plus / Nebo Plus members, $15 for first hour and $5 for subsequent hour for eXplorer Kid members.

The above is the entrance fee for KIDS.  Adults also need to pay to enter eXplorer Kid.. Each adult pays $2 (public) or $1 (NTUC plus / Nebo Plus member) to enter, regardless of peak or off-peak day.

eXplorer Kid membership is a one-time fee of $15, which will last till the kid is 12, which is as good as no expiry.  So yeah, I strongly recommend you join the membership if you are intending to visit more than once.  And I heard from my friend that currently, if you are a Maybank Family Card holder, you get FREE membership!

Currently, there is also something called Members Day, which is an off-peak Monday.  On Members Day, entrance fee for each kid is $4 for the whole day.  Adult still pays $2 / $1 to enter as usual.

Some of the attractions at the Downtown East outlet, namely Ball O City, Adventure Highland and Ice Bumper Cars, are not included in the entrance fee and charged seperately.  However, at Ang Mo Kio outlet, Ball O City is part of the main play area and therefore included in the entrance fee.  (AMK outlet does not have the other attractions.)

Lastly, you may want to double-check when you are there, whether babies below 1 need to pay to enter.  I have been paying for MF (who is currently 10 months old) on his past two visits at both Downtown East and Ang Mo Kio outlets, but my friends managed to get their below 1 babies in for FREE.  I do not know why there is the discrepancy.. They were also there with only their below 1 babies (NOT with an older paying kid.. I know in some playgrounds such as Polliwogs and SingKids, if you have an older kid, then the baby under 1 goes in for free, but if you are there with only a baby who is below 1, then the baby needs to pay).  Whatever it is, just try your luck by asking.  Maybe there is a blur-king or blur-queen staff on duty that day who will let you in for free.

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