Family Lounge @ Plaza Singapura

Long time ago, I posted about Plaza Singapura being a ultra family-friendly mall.  At that time, I haven’t have the chance to visit the Family Lounge.. But recently, with my friend combined, we managed to meet the minimum spending of $50 to earn ourselves an hour of relax time in the Family Lounge!

The kids play area is a separate room from the adults rest area and you need to have socks to enter.  Once MF and I put on our socks, we headed straight into the kids play area.  First thing that atttracted MF’s attention was a hula hoop!

Ah, look how graceful he is… Must be because I went to watch rhythmic gymnastics when I was pregnant with him during Youth Olympic Games in Singapore 2010.

While MF was busy dancing around with the hula hoop, I went to check out the toys available.  There were some building blocks and puzzles suitable for MF, and colouring materials and video games for older kids.

I took down the building blocks and Melissa & Doug puzzles for MF to play with… Oh how he enjoyed them!

But as usual, he decided the toys look yummy and kept wanting to stick them into his mouth, so I kept the toys away and let him roam around the room… He discovered that the chairs were hollow and can be opened, and they make a cool sound when he hit them, so he spent his time drumming on the chairs.

Besides the kids room, there is also a book shelf in the adults rest area with some story books for kids.. I didn’t allow MF to go there, because from my experience visiting libraries, he loves taking out all the books from the shelves and tearing them up… If you have older kids, they could spend some quiet moment reading while you relax on the massage chairs.

So don’t forget to drop by the Family Lounge when you are at Plaza Singapura if you have spent $50 there. 🙂

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