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Hands up if you agree with me that it’s extremely difficult to find a cafe in Singapore that opens early on a weekday morning.

Every time I want to meet up with fellow stay-home moms on a weekday, half of whom needs to rush off to pick up their kids from school at 1pm, we end up at Starbucks or Toast Box or McDonald’s.  Okay, there was that ONE TIME we found Kith Cafe.  But that was about it.  Starbucks, Toast Box and McD ever since.


Last week, Nat (so.natty.sg), Mabel (Amazing Still) and I had one of those days where we wanted to meet up on a weekday morning.  Oh! Digress a bit.. Nat, Mabel and I have a team name now! We call ourselves ‘So Amazingly Bums’ – Idea credit to my friend Justin (@i_post_for_love).  Though I’m not too pleased that ‘Bumble Bee Mum’ got reduced to ‘Bum’, I got to agree that the name was somehow apt and I LOVE IT. So much that I have added a ‘So Amazingly Bums’ tag to my blog to archive our adventures! Hahaha…

farttartz-Singapore-Expo-Cafe-Blog-Review-19Image Credit: Amazinglystill.com

So for our meet-up, Nat did her research and found a cafe in Serangoon that supposedly opens early on weekdays.  And to Serangoon we went!

farttartz Singapore Expo Cafe Blog Review 02

But like all So Amazingly Bums adventures, something unexpected was bound to happen.  Mabel and I followed the smell of freshly baked bread to the cafe while Nat was parking the car.  Only to discover that cafe opened at 12noon!  Mabel tried to use her pitiful, “But your website said you open at 10…” plea to get them to sell us some of those bread on display, but they insisted they only open at 12.  So back to the car we went.


After some discussion, we decided to drive East, because Mabel needed to be at Tampines by 2.30pm and every second counts.  Knowing how long we spend taking photos of our food, we decided to go somewhere near Tampines so that we could maximise our time at the cafe.


While in the car, Mabel did her CSI-ing on cafes that open early in the East.  Living up to her reputation as CSI Queen, she found fArttArtz Cafe at Singapore Expo which, get this… OPENS AT 9AM EVEN ON WEEKDAYS.  (Note: CSI = Crime Scene Investigator.)

farttartz Singapore Expo Cafe Blog Review 01

Prior to this, I would never imagine myself going to Singapore Expo to visit a cafe.  The only reasons I visit Singapore Expo are for baby fairs, book fairs, IT fairs, food fairs.. You get the drift.  Wait.  I don’t even go for those.  My Mathematics-trained brain figured out that the transport cost of going to Singapore Expo is more than the cost savings of visiting such fairs.  And to make it seem like I made my transport fee worth, I usually end up buying rubbish from the fair to kid myself that I saved a lot of money.  C’mon, admit it.  You are guilty too right??


So yeah, Singapore Expo is a place I try to avoid.  But having an Instagram-worthy cafe that opens at 9am on a weekday is more than enough reason for me to make the trip.  Especially since someone was willing to chauffeur me there and back.  And Mabel couldn’t stop going “OMG OMG, THE FOOD LOOKS SO GOOD” on the car while stalking fArttArtz on Instagram.


Yes, we are suckers for food that LOOKS good.

Oh wow! I have written 500 words and we haven’t even reached fArttArtz! I’m surprised you’re still reading.    Okay, let’s start my post on fArttArtz proper!


So we arrived at fArttArtz, absolutely starving.  We checked out their menu and I went straight for the Golden Salted Egg Yolk pasta ($15.90).  Because salted egg yolk is ALLLLL THE RAGEEE here in Singapore right now! And I haven’t even eaten the salted egg yolk burger from McD!


The salted egg pasta was yumz – even after sitting there for like 30 minutes for us to take photos of it.  You know how salted egg dries up after you leave it there to get cold? Yeah, that happened.  But even then, it didn’t taste too bad. It passed Mabel’s so-called ‘cold food test’.   The chicken was tender and the pasta was still warm when I dug in 30 minutes after it was served.  I wondered if the glass jar they used helped to keep the pasta warm.


Only problem was that I couldn’t even finish half of it.  It was very heavy – the kind of food where your marginal utility diminishes very quickly.  Thank goodness the pasta that Nat picked was the exact opposite.

Nat went with the Chilled Prawn Angel’s Hair pasta ($11.90) – which was their signature cold dish.  This was something that would confirm pass any cold food test.


It was like a salad, light and refreshing.  A nice contrast from the salted egg yolk pasta.

Mabel was the funniest.  She wanted to get a sandwich.  But she didn’t want vegetables in her sandwich.  When she tried to request for no vegetables in her sandwich, they told her the sandwiches wouldn’t taste good without vegetables.  So she asked them to recommend something kids-friendly.  (And by kids-friendly she really meant no vege.)  They recommended her the Bulbous Oriental pasta ($13.90) which came with smoked duck and fish roe.  Mabel was very happy with it.


We also wanted to get their Grilled Hot Wings ($8.50) to share.  We had a short debate over it that went something along the lines of…

Me: Want to get the grilled hot wings to share?
Nat: Sure…
Mabel:  But I don’t take spicy food.
Me: How do you know it’s spicy?
Mabel: It’s HOT wings.
Nat: Maybe it’s hot as in hot (not cold), not hot as in spicy?
Mabel: Noooo.. I’m pretty sure it means spicy.

So we asked them whether the grilled hot wings were spicy (pretty dumb question on hindsight) and they said YES.  Then we went on to ask if we could have grilled hot wings that were not hot (not so dumb question eventually) and they said YES.  Steady… They could customise our hot wings!


We also ordered a coffee each  ($5.50 for cafe latte) and asked if they could do latte art.  They said they could do simple ones and we made the barista’s life difficult by requesting for different latte art for each of us.  And after doing so, I realised I forgot to take a photo of all the latte art! Oh well… The latte art was pretty standard stuff.  We were more amused that they served our coffee in different coloured cups which were kind of cute.


After we finished our meal, we went on to desserts! For reasons I cannot remember, I was sent to order the desserts.  I ended up ordering 3 different Hand-crafted Tarts in Jars ($6.80 each), and got chided by Mabel who actually wanted one of their mud tarts.


But c’mon! Mud tarts are so passe!! They were a novelty like..  5 years ago? Not anymore.


Whereas look at their hand-crafted tarts.  SO CUTE! They even came with little handles so that you could ‘da bao’ (takeaway) them home in style!


Starting with one of their popular flavours, it was not hard to imagine why the Sea Salt Nutella Short Tart was a favourite here.  It was so pretty!! Though I definitely recommend you share this as it was very sweet.  Not something I could finish on my own.


Another of their favourite was Tiramisu flavour, but it seemed so boring.  So we went with Lychee-misu instead.  It was pretty bland in comparison to the previous tart.  Luckily I had the lychee-misu before having the nutella one, otherwise I would probably think the lychee-misu was tasteless.  It was actually not too bad, if you like lychee and desserts that are not too sweet.


We also went for one of their ‘Limited Edition’ tart – Thai Milk Tea.  Out of the 3 we ordered, I liked this best as it was not overpoweringly sweet but yet I could taste the thai milk tea flavour.


While we were having desserts, they brought us some water.  The water came in matching jars and we were like OMG so cute!! I started taking photos of the water and suddenly realised how ridiculous it was – to be taking photos of WATER.  It has never crossed my mind to take photos of water for my dining reviews before.  Till fArttArtz.


On the whole, I enjoyed our visit to fArttArtz at Singapore Expo.  Of course, having good company helps.  I do think the food was reasonably priced, looked good and tasted good!  The only gripe we had was that it was kind of hard to find someone to clear our table.  But then again, fArttArtz didn’t charge service charge, so no complaints!


So the next time you are at Singapore Expo for baby fair, book fair, IT fair, food fair… you get the drift.. Don’t forget to check out fArttArtz!


Information on fArttArtz @ Singapore Expo:

Address:  1 Expo Drive, Singapore Expo, Max-Atria (Foyer 1), #02-04,  Singapore 486150

Getting There: Expo MRT (CG1)

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Opening Hours:

  • Monday – Thursday 9AM–6PM
  • Friday – Sunday 9AM–8PM

Contact Number:  +6564932901

Official Websites: Homepage | Facebook Page | Instagram

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fArttArtz Cafe - Singapore Expo - Bumble Bee Mum


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  • Mabel says:

    Hahaha! I ever eat mud tarts before! Got suaku until this level. Hahaha!
    Mabel recently posted…SHAPE Run 2016My Profile

  • mmlittlee says:

    Wow The Mud Tart looks too cute! Erm and ya! hahahah can’t believe you girls took photo of water but hey! It turned out a very arty farty picture, ready to be added in a magazine print!

    Nat’s Angel Hair looks super yummy! Ooo I’d love to give that a try. But ah.. what’s with the name of the cafe. hahah So smelly – Fart Tartz…

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I know right.. We were arranging the water around the plant, positioning them making sure the smaller cup was in the middle, finding a nice angle to take photo of the water when I suddenly realised, “What are we doing.. It’s just WATER!!”

      I like the name of the cafe! fArttArtz. Nat said it was like a swear word. But I think it has a nice ring to it.. I can’t get it out of my head.. Like fArttArtz.. Hahaha..

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