First attempt to pump and bottle feed
March 10, 2013

Okay, technically, the title of this post should be ‘first attempt to pump and bottle feed MY’. I did attempt to pump and bottle feed MF last time, but those were dark dark days that I do not wish to recall. In short, pumping was a nightmare and I very much prefer latching.

Because of my very horrible experience with pumping when MF was a tiny baby, I made a tiny resolution that for MY, if he couldn’t latch, I would just give formula milk. Well, thankfully he is a latching expert.

So why this post? You know how it is with bad things.. When you are experiencing it, you swear it’s so tough you never want to experience it again (like childbirth), but after some time you forget the pain and start to think that maybe it’s not so bad and you wanna try it again.

This evening, we were going for a buffet dinner and the dinner included free beer. So I decided that I should give myself a treat and express milk for MY beforehand so that I can drink some beer over dinner. It’s just one time, how difficult can it be right?

Right from the moment I started expressing milk, I recalled why I was so resolute about not wanting to pump. What should have been just a 15 min pumping session ended up taking hours to complete coz I had to juggle the washing, sterilizing, chasing MF away, checking on MY when he cried, and more washing and sterilizing.

Finally, we were ready to go and my bag was heavier than usual because of the cooler bag with ice-packs and expressed milk.

At dinner, MY started crying before I had my beer, I was in a dilemma whether to nurse him or give him the expressed milk. In the end i nursed him.. 15 min pronto, and that kept him happy till end of the meal! Latching FTW!

Once we got home, MY started wailing for milk, and there was the mad scramble to get the milk warmed up while trying to pacify the crying baby.

Finally milk warmed up, stuck the bottle into MY’s mouth but he didn’t know how to drink from it! Panic! Couldn’t nurse him since the alcohol was not out of my system yet.. Luckily after a while he figured out how to suck from the bottle. Tada.. MY’s first bottle feed!


But oh, that was not the end. After MY was fed, I went to bath and also bathed MF. Before we had time to wash the bottle, MY was hungry again! Yet another round of scrambling to wash the bottle, sterilize it and warm up more milk while MY kept crying away.

Fed MY, he was happy for a while (but not long enough for me to have time to wash his bottle), started crying again!! This time, didn’t even bother to wash the bottle, just added more milk to the bottle, warmed it up and fed him.

But wait, still not done. Time for him to sleep but I couldn’t nurse him to sleep like I usually do! So I had to carry him around for more than an hour before he finally gave up crying and fell asleep.

Finally, MY was asleep! But wait, bottle still not washed! And I still needed to express milk! So dragged myself out of bed to the pump.. Halfway through expressing, MY started crying and I had to put him back to sleep before resuming.. Finally done expressing, but there was still the washing and sterilizing.

Okay, remind me again why I did all that? Oh right, for a bottle of beer. NOT worth it at all. This shall be the first and last time I attempt to express and bottle feed MY.

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  • Lynn says:

    Thanks for sharing! Agreed. There was a time I was expressing so that I could take long breaks away, and for future storage. It seems like a common thing to do, but it caused a demand/supply imbalance and in the end I got mastitis which froze up my supply and the antibiotics gave my LO stomach trouble. It was a nightmare. And the equipment was a chore. All for nothing too cos as it turns out, I didn’t actually enjoy the time I was away from my LO. I now latch 100% and my next decision point is when to stop.

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