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August 13, 2015

Recently my friend shared this cool website that I MUST share with all of you.  It’s called Oxford Owl and it has a huge collection of FREE e-Books for kids!

Start by registering for an account.  You will need it to read the e-Books.  No worries, the registration is absolutely free and no credit card details whatsoever was required.

Free Children's Online Ebooks 01 copy

Start by registering an account!


Once you are logged in, start browsing through their catalog.  You can browse by AGE, or by BOOK TYPE or by SERIES.

Free Children's Online Ebooks 02 copy

Different ways to browse through the library


I tried out browsing by age for 3-4 years olds (that’s the youngest age group available, so no, they do not have books for babies or toddlers).

Free Children's Online Ebooks 03 copy

Books under Ages 3-4


Those with a ‘e’ at the bottom are e-Books.  The rest are only available in print.  To read the e-Books, Just click on the ‘e’ and click on ‘Read ebook’.  Totally easy peasy for kids to navigate!

Let’s try Floppy’s Fun Phonics, since I know people like to look out for free ways to teach Phonics at home.

Free Children's Online Ebooks 04 copy

Floppy’s Fun Phonics


Look at that! You can zoom in, zoom out, and there’s even AUDIO! Don’t you just love a Phonics book that has audio?

At the start of the book, there were instructions for parents.

Free Children's Online Ebooks 05 copy

Instructions for parents on Floppy’s Fun Phonics


And after you complete reading the book, there were even 2 activities to complete! The activities were very short.  But it’s free, so no complaints. 🙂

Free Children's Online Ebooks 06 copy

Activity 1 on Floppy’s Fun Phonics

Free Children's Online Ebooks 07 copy

Activity 2 on Floppy’s Fun Phonics


Next, I jumped over to ‘Age 4-5’.  There were A LOT MORE free e-Books there!

Free Children's Online Ebooks 12 copy

Books under Ages 4-5


I picked a book called ‘Number Poems’.  Sounded interesting.

Free Children's Online Ebooks 13 copy

Number Poems


Once again, there was Audio.  Which is so cool, when you are reading poems.  It’s so nice to have someone (who is not me) to read the rhymes for the kids.

Free Children's Online Ebooks 16 copy

Sample Page from Number Poems


However, this book had no activities.  So note that not every book comes with the activities.

Next, I tried browsing by Book Type.

Free Children's Online Ebooks 17 copy

Categories under ‘Book Type’


Ah… Phonics! Let’s try that! I really should go add this into my post on teaching phonics at home.

Free Children's Online Ebooks 18 copy

Book under ‘Phonics’


Wow! So many to choose from! Let’s try ‘The Sing Song’.

Free Children's Online Ebooks 19 copy

The Sing Song


There were some instructions at the beginning for parents.

Free Children's Online Ebooks 20 copy

Instruction of parents for ‘The Sing Song’


Hmm… This book went into blending already.  So I guessed this book would be more difficult that ‘Floppy’s Fun Phonics’ which we saw earlier.  Indeed, it was a bit more difficult and so were the activities.

Free Children's Online Ebooks 21 copy

Activity 1 on ‘The Sing Song’

Free Children's Online Ebooks 22 copy

Activity 2 on ‘The Sing Song’


So I guess the problem with browsing by Book Type is that you can’t really determine the difficulty of the book until you open the book.

On the whole, this is an AWESOME resource for homeschooling.  It says it is tablet friendly though I haven’t tried it out on a iPad yet.  But judging from the interface on my laptop, it does feel like something that would probably work better with the tablet.  Because the activities sometimes required shifting ‘cards’ into position and stuff, which I felt would be much easier to do with the tablet.

Once again, here is the website:

>>> Oxford Owl Library <<<

Have fun!

[disclaim]Image Credit:  All images on this post were screen captured from Oxford Owl Library Website.[/disclaim]

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  • Adeline says:

    Wow thanks for sharing this excellent resource! I recently bought some Oxford Readers as well, so this would be really handy to help teach Noah how to read when he’s older.

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