Gardens by the Bay Nursing Room Review

If you are visiting Gardens by the Bay with babies or young toddlers, rest assured that the expansive gardens is dotted with nursing rooms (baby care rooms) to cater to the needs to nursing mums or parents who need access to hot water / diaper-changing facilities.

Below are the ones that I have managed to check out to date.  Will add on when I get down to checking out the rest!

Nursing Room near entrance to Flower Dome


If you are headed to the cooled conservatories, there is a nursing room near the entrance to the Flower Dome.  From the ticketing booth, facing the entrance of the Flower Dome, turn LEFT and you should see a shuttle bus counter (with Marina Bay Sand hotel in the distance).

Right after the shuttle bus counter are the toilets.  The baby care room is near the toilets.


The baby care room here has a distinct diaper-changing area and nursing area, but strangely they are not separated by any doors with locks.  The main door (to the whole baby care room) can be locked though.  So nursing moms who require privacy can lock the main door, but other parents who require the diaper-changing table and water dispenser would not be able to access it.

On weekends, I have seen a queue of parents with babies outside the locked nursing room waiting to use it.  I wished that they had placed the door with lock at the nursing area instead, so that while one mom is nursing, other parents can still use the diaper-changing station and water dispenser.


The diaper-changing area is well-equipped with a cushioned diaper-changing station, sink with soap, paper towels, hand dryer and covered bin for disposal of diapers.

The nursing area has a sofa large enough for both the nursing mom and her companions to sit comfortably.  There was also enough floor space to push a stroller in.

There was a fan inside the nursing area to keep mom and baby cool.  There was, however, no power point inside the nursing area if you need to use an electronic pump.


There was an attempt to incorporate a garden design on one of the walls in the nursing area.

Nursing Room inside Cloud Forest


There were two baby care rooms located inside the Cloud Forest.  If you follow the designated route around the Cloud Forest, the first baby care room you would come across would be right after going down the escalator from the Crystal Moutain (where you see all the stalactites and stalagmites). Over here, you would find diaper-changing stations and hot & cold water dispensers.

The other nursing room room was located near the exit at the end of the trail, after you pass through the Secret Garden.  It was similarly equipped with diaper-changing stations and hot & cold water dispenser.


The nursing area was separated from the diaper-changing area by a sliding door with lock.  So if you need privacy while nursing your child, you can lock the door and other parents can still continue using the diaper-changing area outside.   The nursing area after Cyrstal Mountain had a power point, so you can use your electronic pump here.

Information on Gardens by the Bay:

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Drive Singapore 018953

Map: Click here for Google map location

Getting There: 10 mins walk from Bayfront MRT (CE1 / DT16)

Tel: +65 6420 6848

Official Website: Homepage | Facebook Page | Instagram | Twitter

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