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Detailed Review of Go Go Bambini (15 Sept 2011)

Today I decided to bring MF to check out Go Go Bambini, an indoor playground at Dempsey Hill.  (They also have a small play area outdoors.)  It’s free for babies below 11 months, just like other playgrounds such as Fidgets and Peek-a-boo, which is great for mummies who want to try it out and decide if it’s worth paying for when your kids grow older!

Though Dempsey Hill is near Orchard, its accessibility is not great, you need a car / taxi to get there.. But once there, the place is totally deserted on a weekday afternoon! There were only 4 other kids when I was there, and once they saw MF, they rushed over to play with him, it felt like one big happy family. 🙂

The play area of Go Go Bambini feels like a maze to me.. The short doorways make it a bit difficult for adults to carry or follow their babies around the various areas.  After some careful squirming, I managed to get MF into the big ball pit.

See the cute pictures on the wall? Those are not just for decoration, they are actually rock-climbing pieces! Older kids can actually do a bit of rock-climbing there (and if *touch wood* they fall, they fall into the ball pit which will, hopefully, cushion their fall). So parents, please watch your kids when they are in the ball pit.. I almost freaked out when an older girl started climbing up the wall with babies crawling around the ball pit right below her.. Quickly went to grab MF away. Here is a picture of another rock-climbing wall:

Cool huh? 🙂

They have a junior play area (with a train and smaller ball pit) for kids below 3, but it is not clearly marked out, unlike Fidgets where there are clear sign board that tell people which areas are for kids below certain age.


The junior play area is adjacent to the seating area, so parents can sit at the table to have their meal or do their work while still keeping an eye on their young bubs.

My favourite is the piano that actually plays the notes when you step on it! (Unlike the play pad at Polliwogs that shows a piano but nothing actually happens when you step on it.)  Unfortunately, MF is still too light and it didn’t make any sound when he crawled over it.. Bummer.

There are other play stuff on the higher levels (there are 4 levels altogether), but I was too lazy to carry MF up to explore.

There is a Mother’s Room (a nursing cum diaper-changing room) within Go Go Bambini (near the toilets).  You can close the sliding door, but it cannot be locked, so best for nursing mums to still bring a nursing shawl along, just in case. The sofa is big and comfy, and there are two power points just next to it.

2nd Visit to Go Go Bambini (25 Oct 2011)

My last visit to Go Go Bambini was more than a month ago. At that time, MF just hung around the ball pit and toddlers’ play area.  (Actually, I was just lazy and dumped him there so that I could sit at the cafe and use the free wifi available at Go Go Bambini to watch drama on my iPad).

This time, I decided to be a more hardworking mama and bring MF up to the upper levels to explore! So up the stairs he goes! MF is an expert an climbing this kind of stairs already.. He had practice at eXplorer Kid (Downtown East), Polliwogs and Fidgets.

He found a little enclosure and decided to pop in to play:

He looks so happy inside that I decided not to tell him that this is supposed to be a MAZE and THAT is a DEAD-END.

After he got bored of that, he went on the explore some tunnels:

And more tunnels..


Usually I am a bit fearful of letting MF crawl through these cloth tunnels.. I wasn’t sure if his hands would fall through, and they didn’t look like they could withstand my weight if I followed him.. But the great thing about this place, is that there are alternative paths (this is supposed to be a maze), so while MF makes his way through the tunnels, I can use an alternative path to get to the other side quickly and comfortably. 🙂

There are other stuff to play in the upper levels, but I was too busy looking after MF to take photos of all of them.

After playing for a while, MF decided to take a nap, and I went to take photos of the outdoor play area:

I was there on a Friday afternoon, and the place was comparatively MUCH more crowded than the previous time when I was there on a Wednesday.  It was a bit difficult to play with all the older kids running around. So if possible, you may want to avoid Fridays (and of course weekends).

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Information on Go Go Bambini

Address: Blk 8 Dempsey Road, #01-15, Dempsey Hill, Singapore 247696

Tel: +65 64744176

Opening Hours: 9am to 7pm daily

Websites: Official Homepage


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