Gym Trial @ Gymboree, Habourfront Centre
October 11, 2011

A couple of mummy friends decided to bring out 9-10 month olds to a trial class for Play and Learn 2 at Gymboree.. It was an early lesson at 10am, a time when MF is usually fast asleep, so I thought I would just go there to take a look at what the lesson is like, and if it’s good, I would find a class in the afternoon to let him try out.

When I arrived, I took a few pictures of the equipment they had in the gym.. It looks so colourful and interesting, I wanted to let MF join in.. But from his look, I knew he was going to fall asleep soon.. So I passed.

The class started with everyone sitting in a circle and talking about each baby’s morning routine (they have a different topic to talk about each time), then some exercise (lifting baby up and down) and they threw some plastic balls in the middle for the babies to play.

At this point, the manager came to me and told me I was not allowed inside to take pictures, so I went out and watched from outside (which explains the lack of picture in this post). While I was outside, I noticed there is a seperate room from the gym, most probably used for their music and art classes and for parties.

The trial class continued with some time for open play, where the babies were free to crawl around using the equipment in the above pictures.

After that, they gathered again for some parachute fun and bubbly fun (where the instructor blew bubbles at the babies and babies were encouraged to burst the bubbles).

The music and liveliness of the class was better than the one I tried out at JWT.  However, JWT’s gym trial was free, while Gymboree’s came with a hefty price tag of $40! But my mummy friends signed up for the Gymboree membership after the class, and the $40 could be used to offset the membership price, so the trial class is sort-of free.  Members get to use the gym for open play at a cheaper rate ($14 versus $20 for non-members if I remember correctly.)

The place looks interesting enough for me to want to bring MF there for open play… You need to call the outlet up to see which time slots they are open for open play each day, which is kind of a hassle.  If I have the opportunity, I will bring MF there once just to try out.. But otherwise, it’s much more convenient for me to pop MF into one of the indoor playgrounds that are open all day.

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