Gym trial @ JWT gym, UE Square
July 23, 2011

Went for a free trial at JWT gym today!  They are having free gym trial for UOB cardholders, so call them up if you are interested.

The class started with everyone introducing themselves in a circle.  The instructor then plays some music and got us to move our babies’ limbs and bounce them around.  Honestly, I don’t think the babies really understood what’s happening, and it is more of a workout for mummies than babies.  (You need strong arms to bounce your babies around and lift them up and down!)

Next, the babies were introduced to a giant hotdog (a large inflatable hot dog) where they were supposed to bounce and roll on their tummy.  MF is terrified of the giant hot dog!

Next, there was time for babies to either crawl through tunnels or practice walking using this thing that looks like monkey bars and reminds me a lot of physiotherapy.  MF can’t crawl to save his life, so I decided to let him practice walking.

Next up, rocking horse time:

The Swings… All the babies absolutely LOVED the swings, but MF was downright terrified:

MF very much preferred playing in the tub of coloured balls:

They also had building blocks for the babies to play with:

The class lasted an hour, with lots of free time for the babies to mingle and interact.  MF had lots of fun (other than a few terrifying moments on the hot dog and swing)! 🙂

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  • Li May says:

    Yoz…was looking for places to bring my 7 month old baby and I chance upon your blog! haha.. your blog is very informative!

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