Happy Kids Club @ Far East Shopping Centre
November 3, 2011

Happy Kids Club is not an indoor playground.. It’s like a little club house for you to take a break from your shopping while letting your baby have some entertainment, or drop off your kids (aged 3-8) while you get away for some ME time.  It is located conveniently on Orchard Road at Far East Shopping Centre (the one between Wheelock Place and Hilton Hotel.. NOT the Far East Plaza next to Scotts).

The place is small, so they have limited places.. If you know you’re going there, it would be advisable to make a reservation for a spot in advance.  A few of us mummies and our 10-month old babies decided to try out the place during their opening week, while they were having a promotional fee of $5 for 2 hours (usually it’s $8 for 2 hours on weekdays, $10 for 1 hour on weekends).  The owner also runs a toy rental company, so if you reserve a spot in advance, she can prepare toys appropriate for your babies’ age.

You can sit back and relax, have a cup of coffee (BYO.. they don’t sell drinks here) while your baby has a bit of fun inside the exersaucer and jumperoo:


They have a shelf with small toys and books:


And some larger swing/slides, play yards, bouncy castle and, of course, ball pit (or more like a ball pool in this case).  The bouncy castle and ball pit are inflatable, so they can be kept away when older kids visit.. how clever!

 As usual, MF was super excited to see the ball pit and crawled into it on his own.. and out.. and in.. and out.. He spent a long time crawling in and out of the ball pool.img_0980

They also have a big Hello Kitty balloon (I’m a big Hello Kitty fan by the way…) and a pretty cool thing called aqua doodle, which is a safe and clean toy for babies to doodle since it uses water.. I’m so tempting to buy one of this aqua doodle thing! 

For older kids, they have tables and chairs for them to do some craft work, and a television with Wii games.  And for really young babies, they have a Fisher price Rocker.

It’s nothing much really.. Like a mummy said, it’s like visiting someone’s house.. But for someone like me who always brings baby out, the concept is great… to have a place to rest right on Orchard Road.  The next time you’re at Orchard with your baby and feeling tired, you may want to pop by! 🙂

One disappointment was that they were not as breastfeeding-friendly as I hoped they would be.. When they advertised themselves as breastfeeding-friendly, I was hoping there would be a private nursing area.. But all they had was a curtain which could be drawn to cordon off part of the play area and you can nurse there.  If you are the only customer, then no problem.. But if there are other babies playing around the area, you can’t ask them to go out so that you can nurse.  So do bring along your nursing shawl.. What i did was simply to wait until the end of the session and took a short walk to Forum Shopping Mall to use the nursing room there.

They are also organizing some classes during the holidays, so you can drop your kids there for some enrichment during the holidays while you do your Christmas shopping! 

For more information about Happy Kids Club’s location, opening hours and charges, please visit their official website.


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