Happy Willow @ Fusionopolis (Updated 14 May 2013)

Update (Dec 2016): Happy Willow @ Fusionopolis will cease operation on 4 December 2016.

Detailed Review of Happy Willow @ Fusionopolis

Happy Willow opened at Fusionopolis in March.. A pretty strange place to open an indoor playground if you ask me, but nevertheless, since it’s conveniently located right above One-North MRT station, I happily brought MF there to try it out!


First impression: The play area is a tad small, while the cafe area is pretty spacious.  The play area is split into the Kid’s Den for older kids, and the Toddler’s Turf for young toddlers. There are tables in the cafe which overlook the Toddler’s Turf which I like.. Reminds me of the good ol’ days where I spent hours at Fidgets‘ cafe while MF played in the toddler’s area there.



Since MF is a toddler, I brought him to explore the Toddler’s Turf first.  Well… There isn’t much to do there.. Some alphabet blocks, one activity board and a small ball pit dedicated for toddlers.

20120412-111740.jpg 20120412-114131.jpg20120412-111959.jpg 20120412-112008.jpg

The Toddler’s Turf wasn’t exciting enough to keep MF occupied for even 10 minutes.. So much for my plan to sit at the cafe to relax while watching MF play.  So we headed over to the Kid’s Den.  The first thing that greeted us was a Rodeo equipment.. Interesting, but no way 15-month old MF could balance himself on it.  Next to it, there was a gigantic ball! Balls are MF’s absolute favourite toys, so I thought he would love the gigantic ball… But oh no, MF was absolutely terrified of it!! Come to think of it, if I see a ball that much bigger than me rolling towards me, I would run away too…

20120412-111749.jpg 20120412-111722.jpg

The other interesting thing was the ‘trampoline’.. It’s not a conventional trampoline.. It is made by placing a canvas sheet over large rubber balls…


There is a rock climbing wall, but MF was too young to use it..


Moving on… Here are more photos of MF exploring the first storey of the Kid’s Den..

20120412-111713.jpg 20120412-111926.jpg


MF’s favourite part of the Kid’s Den was the slide.  The bad thing about it was that the steps to go up were too high for MF to climb up on his own, so I had to keep carrying him up.. The good thing was that you don’t need to go through an entire maze just to go down the slide, so all I had to do was stand at the side and keep lifting MF up to the top of the slide and he could ride the slide over and over again…

20120412-111822.jpg 20120412-111811.jpg

The higher storey is not easily accessible by toddlers (and adults).. I did climb up (with much difficulty) just to take a look, and was rather disappointed.. There’s really nothing much to do upstairs, other than to take the tube slide down into the ball pit.


Besides the play area, there is also a library cum colouring corner in Happy Willow.  After MF got bored of the play area, he decided to join the older kids to do some colouring:


And tada… his first masterpiece! *emo tears*


Inside the library, there is this cute little picture of a tree at the corner which makes an interesting photo spot, so I made MF stand there to take a shot:


He looks like he’s clinging on to the mushroom for dear life.. Lol!!

There’s no nursing room inside Happy Willow, and I didn’t see any nursing room in Fusionopolis either, so nursing mums probably need to come prepared with your nursing shawls. There is a diaper-changing table within the playground:


MF spent about 2 hours here, which is plenty, because there really isn’t much for toddlers to play.. With so many indoor playgrounds sprouting out in Singapore recently, I don’t think I would travel all the way to Fusionopolis just to play here.. It is too far for me and I don’t find it worth the entry fee ($10 for toddlers below two years old for 3 hours of playtime on weekdays, 2 hours on weekends), there are far better playgrounds for toddlers out there.  Perhaps if you live near Fusionopolis and have slightly older kids who are able to play at the Kid’s Den on their own, or little babies who are willing to stick around inside the Toddler’s Turf, it would be more worth it, because you can chill out at the cafe area which is quite comfy and relaxing.


Happy Willow @ Fusionopolis Revisited! (14 May 2013)

It’s been more than a year since I visited Happy Willow.  After my first visit, I didn’t bother returning because there wasn’t much for then 1.5 year old MF to play and Fusionopolis was pretty far from my place. Until recently, my friend’s daughter started classes at an enrichment centre at Fusionopolis and she invited me for a play date at Happy Willow after her lesson.

It seemed to take forever to take MRT with 2 kids from Yishun to One-North, and I arrived at lunch time.  MF refused to eat his lunch when he saw the playground, so I let him play first and asked the staff if I was allowed to bring my own food into the playground. He said I could, provided I bought a drink from their cafe. I checked out their cafe, the items on the menu were pretty reasonably priced.


Frankly, I have no idea how they keep track of whether I bought a drink from the cafe or not, but I did anyway.  I ordered an iced latte and it turned out to be a pretty big cup for $4.


The food court was located nearby and I went there to pack my lunch and brought it back to Happy Willow to eat.  The cafe is very spacious and there are ample tables for dining (on a weekday at least).


There is now a pretend play section at the cafe area which wasn’t here during my last visit.  MF played there most of the time while I was eating and it was easy for me to keep an eye on him while I had my meal.


After I finished my lunch, MF decided he was hungry and there were 2 high chairs available within Happy Willow itself, so I fed MF there. After he was fed, it was time to nurse MY (yes, I still have a baby with me, don’t forget him) and I just used a nursing shawl to nurse him there.

Once everyone was fed and happy, I went to see the main play area.  At the Toddler’s Turf, they have added a few more toys.


The Kid’s Den is still the same.. The only thing that has changed since my previous visit is MF.  He is older and taller now, and a lot more adventurous.  He is able to climb up the steps on his own and no longer afraid of the giant ball (in fact he is extremely amused by it). Hence, he is able to play on his own and I did not have to help boost him up the steps like the last time. (However, my friend’s daughter who is the same age was unable to do so.  I guess MF is just well-trained and tall for his age.)


Since I had to watch over MY, I couldn’t follow MF around while he played, and only managed to take one picture of him on the rodeo.


Overall, MF had a lot more fun here at 2.5 years old compared to when he was 1.5 years old.  However, it is also a lot more expensive for him to play here now. Before, I paid $10 (for kids below 2), but now that he is above 2 years old, it costs $18.  I shared the package, which costs $95 for 6 visits (the package for toddlers below 2 is $50), with my friend, but it still works out to be about $16 per visit. For this price, I would rather go to Fidgets.  But I guess Happy Willow is more accessible (by MRT – it is located right above One-North station on the circle line).

I enjoyed the convenience of being able to bring my own food here and dine in peace while MF plays and the availability of high chair to feed MF.  (Update:  In a visit to Happy Willow at One KM in Jan 2015, I was told I could not bring my own food in.  So I’m not sure if they have changed their policy on bringing outside food into the playground.) There is also a diaper-changing table conveniently located within the playground itself. If this place is located nearer to my home and cheaper, I would be here very often.  But it is simply too far and too expensive to come often.


Happy Willow Admission Fees / Play Rates


Information on Happy Willow @ Fusionopolis

1 Fusionopolis Way, Fusionopolis, Connexis Tower, #B1-06, Singapore 138632

Tel:  +65 6466 6300

Opening Hours:
Weekdays 9.30am – 6.30pm
Weekends / Public holidays: 9.30am – 7.30pm

Websites: Official Homepage | Facebook Page

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