Swensen’s Hello Kitty Purr-fect Sensations arrive in Singapore!
February 2, 2015

Have I ever mentioned that I am a huge Hello Kitty fan? Remember the McDonald’s Hello Kitty craze back in like year 2000? I was one of those crazy people who collected the WHOLE set! I sometimes lament about how I cannot throw Hello Kitty parties because I do not have a daughter.  But having two sons has never stopped me from dragging them with me to look for Hello Kitties in Japan, Korea and Johor Bahru.. Muahaha.  So when Swensen’s Hello Kitty Purr-fect sundaes were launched, I dragged MY with me to check it out!

Swensen's Hello Kitty promotional poster

Poster outside Swensen’s attracting many passer-by’s attention.

It was launched yesterday (1 Feb, Sunday), but cheapskate me waited until today because I only visited Swensen’s on weekday afternoons when they have free weekday lunch treat. (That’s a SAHM priviledge okay?)

Swensen's Hello Kitty Menu

MY looking more excited than me!

Look at their cute pop-up menu! How to resist?? They had 4 items to choose from and they cost $12.50++ each.

Swensen's Hello Kitty pop-up menu

MY checking out the Hello Kitty pop-up menu.

When the lady came to take my order, I couldn’t help asking if I could choose the Hello Kitty sundae as my free lunch treat.  (I just HAD to ask…)  She said no, so I just ordered my usual baked rice with a free side (rodeo wings) and topped up $1 for a mango lychee drink as my Cool Rewards drink.  And I ordered the rainbow ice-cream cake ala-carte from the Hello Kitty menu.

$1 top-up drink for Cool Rewards members.

$1 top-up drink for Cool Rewards members.

Free side from Weekday Lunch Treat.

Free side from Weekday Lunch Treat.


Salmon Mushroom Baked Rice ($13.90++)

After we finished eating, it was time for dessert!! The moment we’ve been waiting for…

Swensen's Hello Kitty cake

So cute!!!

Okay, I kind of regretted ordering the cake because it was super frozen and difficult to eat.  They should have taken it out a bit earlier to defrost a bit before serving it to the customers.  Should have stuck to the sundaes.

Before leaving, I checked out the pamphlet on the table advertising their Hello Kitty  Valentine’s Day cake.

Swensen's Hello Kitty Valentine's Day cake

It says “Submit a photo of you and a loved one (just like Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel)” for their contest to win a meal for two!

With 'a loved one'? Will this do?

With ‘a loved one’? Will this do?

Oh right.. they said ‘just like Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel‘.

Like that can win?

Like that can?

Okay, enough nonsense.  Time for the bill.

Our total bill: $32.25

Our total bill: $32.25

It was a bit hard to fathom that I paid $12.50++ for the Hello Kitty cake while the rest of the meal (baked rice, rodeo wings and drink) only cost $14.90++.  I’m sure logical people would think that the Hello Kitty desserts were way overpriced, but hey… Hello Kitty fans aren’t very logical (as could be seen by all the Hello Kitty McDonald’s crazes). We are controlled by our emotions… *swoons*

Before we left, MY received a free Swensen’s balloon!

Help yourselves to a free Swensen's balloon for the kids!

Help yourselves to a free Swensen’s balloon for the kids!

So Hello Kitty fans, go check it out before it’s over! Promotion runs from 1 Feb to 30 April 2015.

For more information and to locate a Swensen’s branch near you, visit Swensen’s Singapore’s official homepage.

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