Hort Park Nursing Room Review
September 26, 2015


Hort Park Nursing Room Location

The nursing room at Hort Park was located INSIDE the female toilet of the visitor centre.

Hort Park Nursing Room Review 01

Hort Park Nursing Room Description

When heading outdoors with young babies, the main concern I used to have is always whether or not there were nursing and diaper-changing facilities.  So I was very happy when I spotted a nursing room inside Hort Park.  While not the most pleasing nursing room, I found it acceptable – and definitely better than nothing.

Hort Park Nursing Room Review 02

The breastfeeding area was not separated from the diaper-changing area, but the whole room could be locked.

Hort Park Nursing Room Review 05

The bench for nursing was hard and definitely not comfortable.  And the thing I disliked most was that the dustbin was right next to the nursing bench.  It was uncovered, so I found it very unhygienic.

Hort Park Nursing Room Review 03

The diaper-changing table was within the same room, right opposite the bench.

Hort Park Nursing Room Review 04

And there was a sink and soap dispenser for hand-washing within the room.

Hort Park Nursing Room Review 05 (2)

Just a quick mention that the toilet had a little platform to boost the kids up to the sink.  This I loved.  Haha.. (Giving credit where due.)

Overall, like I mentioned, it was not the most pleasant nursing room.  But at least there was a fan to keep you cool, and most parks don’t even have a nursing room – so no complaints really. 🙂

Hort Park Nursing Room Amenites

Power point: None

Water Dispenser: None

Information on Hort Park

Address: 33 Hyderabad Road, Off Alexandra Road, Singapore 119578

Park Hours: 6am to 10pm

Official Website: NParks Homepage

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