Instructions on getting to Hokey Pokey

UPDATE: Please note that Hokey Pokey will be moving out of Suntec from 25 Feb 2013 (last day of operation is 24 Feb 2013).  Their new premise will open from 1 April 2013 at Millenia Walk #02-42 to 45).

I’ve had to explain to my friends how to get to Hokey Pokey so many times then I decided it’s worth writing a post to explain how to get there.  Oh well… Suntec City Mall is HUGE, and the MPG section is a ghost town that resembles a maze.

The nearest MRT station is Promenade MRT.  From Promenade MRT, come out from Exit C, past Old Town White Coffee, go into the nearest entrance to the mall and look for the lift next to Carrefour (the one that brings you to the cinema / NUS Guild House).  Take the lift to level 3.  Come out from the cinema, turn right and walk towards the Star Factory arcade, you will see this big sign to tell you that you’re entering the MPG section.


Keep walking and look right.  Just before you reach end of the MPG section, you should spot Hokey Pokey on your right.  If you see Wang cafe, you have missed it, please U-turn. (Yes, the first time I was there, I totally missed it.. Did I mention MPG section is a maze?)

If you are driving… Errr, can’t really help you.. I have never drove here before.  My only suggestion is that you park near Carrefour, NOT near the convention centre side.

There are many signs around the shopping mall that points towards ‘My.Playground’ or ‘MPG’, just follow those signs.  If you are coming from Toys R Us / Kids Zone side, then Hokey Pokey is on your LEFT.  If you are coming from the cinema / arcade / Carrefour side, then it’s on your RIGHT.  It is near Wang Cafe / Pho Hoa.

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