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February 18, 2015

JEM Nursing Room

Location:  JEM Nursing Room was located at Level 5.  It was pretty inconspicuously located, somwhere inside the food court. Look out for the diaper-changing sign for direction when you reach Level 5.

Entrance to JEM nursing room

Separation:  The breastfeeding rooms were separated from the diaper-changing area by sliding doors with lock.  There were three breastfeeding rooms available.

JEM nursing room breastfeeding rooms

Description:  JEM nursing room was extremely spacious and bright, with cute decorations on the wall. The one thing it lacked, though, was a waiting area for the hubby / relatives / friends to sit while waiting for the mummy to nurse.

JEM nursing room overview

There were three diaper-changing stations.

JEM nursing room diaper changing

The breastfeeding rooms were also very roomy, with one armed chair, a table for putting your belongings, and sufficient space to put your stroller inside.

JEM nursing room breastfeeding room

There was also a family toilet available, equipped with toilet bowl and sink for children.

JEM nursing room toilet

Water dispenser: A hot and cold water dispenser was available.

JEM nursing room water dispenser

Power point: Power points were available inside the breastfeeding rooms.

JEM Family Toilet

Location: There was a family toilet on level 2, next to the regular toilets.

Description:  The family toilet was very spacious, with more than enough space to bring the stroller in.  Inside the toilet, There was a diaper-changing table and a baby seat next to it.

JEM family toilet overview

There were also adult and childred toilet bowls.

JEM family toilet child toilet bowl

The children sink was also very low, great for even very young toddlers!

JEM family toilet sink

Information about JEM:

Address:50 Jurong Gateway Road, 608549

Tel:  6225 5536

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm

Getting there:  JEM is linked to Jurong East MRT station on the East-West line (EW24) and North-south line (NS1).

Official Websites: Homepage | Facebook Page



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