Ju Shin Jung (East Coast Park) Review

UPDATE (MARCH 2017):  Ju Shin Jung East Coast Park branch is no longer in operation.

One day, for cannot-remember-what-reason, I decided to bring BOTH kids to East Coast Park to play with their scooter.

East Coast Park Scooter

When it was time for lunch, I wanted to find an eatery with play area.  They are SO important when I am out alone with the 2 kids. And there were soooo many in the area to choose from.  Should I go to my favourite Quentin’s? Ju Shin Jung at Guillemard? Royal Cafe? Or should I try something new, like Ju Shin Jung at East Coast Park? Or Zaffron Kitchen?

In the end, I decided not to go through the hassle of loading and unloading the kids into the car and went to Ju Shin Jung at East Coast Park.

Ju Shin Jung East Coast Park Review 01

Ju Shin Jung (East Coast Park) Play Area

The first thing the kids did when we arrived was to head STRAIGHT for the play area.

Ju Shin Jung East Coast Park Review 03 Playground

I requested for a table near the play area so that I could keep an eye on the kids.

Ju Shin Jung East Coast Park Review 02 Playground

Those book, by the way, were in Korean.  Just in case you think that you could grab some books to keep the kids entertained.

The play area wasn’t big.  The highlights were the 2 tiny slides, which imo my kids have outgrown, but that did not stop them from going on it over and over.  There was a bead chaser on the table, and a drawing board by the side.

Ju Shin Jung East Coast Park Review 05 PlaygroundJu Shin Jung East Coast Park Review 04 Playground

There were 3 kiddy rides at the side, but you needed to pay to ride them.

Ju Shin Jung East Coast Park Review 06 Playground

And…  That was it! No giant ball pits like their Guillemard branch or West Coast branch.

Ju Shin Jung (East Coast Park) Food & Menu

I was there on a weekday, so I ordered their weekday lunch sets.  You can check out their full menu >here<.

Ju Shin Jung East Coast Park Review 07 Food and Menu

I was looking forward to letting MF try the yummy deep fried saba fish that I had at the Guillemard branch.  But the two branches had different menus.  They only had grilled saba here.  So I just made do with that.  And I ordered a cold soup noodle for myself, since it was a mighty hot afternoon.

The side dishes arrived first!  I LOVE Korean side dishes, but can’t say the same about the kids.  They didn’t seem too interested.

Ju Shin Jung East Coast Park Review 08 Food and Menu

The side dishes here were very different from the ones I received at the Guillemard branch.  I was fine with both restaurants’ side dishes.

Ju Shin Jung East Coast Park Review 09 Food and Menu

But MY wasn’t.  He clearly preferred the side dishes over at Guillemard.  Particularly the seaweed.  The seaweed over at Guillemard was crispy, like those addictive Korean seaweed snack.  The ones here were soft and sourish.  MY finished the whole bowl of crispy seaweed over at Guillemard, but he didn’t touch the ones here at all.

Ju Shin Jung East Coast Park Review 11 Food and Menu

The only side dish that the kids ate here was the egg.

Ju Shin Jung East Coast Park Review 10 Food and Menu

As for the main dish, I enjoyed the cold noodles.  I have kind of grown addicted to Korean cold noodles after our Korea trip.  The portion here was HUGE and I could not finish it.


The grilled saba fish was pretty typical.  I liked the deep fried one at Guillemard much more.


At the end of the meal, the same heart-shaped watermelons were served.  MY was pretty upset that his elder brother was here to fight with him for the watermelon. LOL! During our Guillemard visit, he had the watermelons all to himself. Oh well, that’s the pro of having 2 kids.  PRO, not con, despite having to break up the fight.  It forces the kids to share.

Ju Shin Jung East Coast Park Review 12 Food and Menu

And finally, the bill.

Ju Shin Jung East Coast Park Review 13 Food and Menu

I was NOT happy at all that they charged both my kids (aged 2 and 4) for tea and towel.  Over at Guillemard, when I visited with the 2 year old, they gave me 2 towels and a cup for MY to drink the tea / water, but they only charged me $1++ for tea and towel.

In Summary…

I very much preferred Ju Shin Jung at Guillemard Road to this branch.  Their play area was better, food was better, and they didn’t charge my kid for tea and towel.  If I am ever back in the area and craving for Korean food, I would just drive over to the Guillemard branch instead.

Information on Ju Shin Jung (East Coast Park)

Address: 1018 East Coast Parkway #02-01 Singapore 449877 (Above Burger King)

Tel: 6447 9279

Opening Hours:

  • Weekday Lunch: 12pm to 4pm (Last Order at 3pm)
  • Weekday Dinner: 6pm to 11pm (Last Order at 10pm)
  • Sat, Sun & Public Holiday: 12pm to 11pm (No Break, Last Order at 10pm)

Websites: Official Homepage | Facebook Page

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