Jurong East DREAM Outdoor Playground (near J Cube)

I bring the kids to Jurong East pretty often because there is SO MUCH for kids to do there! (Follow my ‘Jurong East’ tag for all activities in the area.)  But most of the time, I hang out at JEM and Westgate because there are JEM Play, Fidgets Island, Westgate Wonderland and Westgate Kids Club there.  I have not ventured much across the road to where J Cube is.  Until I had to go to Singapore Science Centre.  And that was when I discovered this.

DREAM Playground

J Cube Jurong East Dream Playground 01

When the kids saw this cool playground, they made a beeline for it.  I checked the board and it said ‘For children aged 5-12 years old’.

J Cube Jurong East Dream Playground 02

I actually thought this playground was more suitable for younger children.  There was a slide, but it was not very tall.

J Cube Jurong East Dream Playground 03

Young children would have no problem climbing up the steps on their own. (LOL at 2 year old MY’s face.)

J Cube Jurong East Dream Playground 04

And down he came, entirely on his own.  Definitely not the ‘at least 5 years old’ kind of slide I see at some other playgrounds where I would bar him from going on his own.

J Cube Jurong East Dream Playground 05

There were some rock-climbing features around the playground.

J Cube Jurong East Dream Playground 10

4 year old MF climbed up with ease.

J Cube Jurong East Dream Playground 06

The 2 year old, motivated by his elder brother, also attempted to climb up.  And he did it – entirely on his own! The rock climbing walls were inclined, not vertical like normal rock climbing walls, making it easy peasy even for young kids.

J Cube Jurong East Dream Playground 07

The ropes were slightly more challenging.  MF could hold the ropes and climb up, but MY couldn’t.

J Cube Jurong East Dream Playground 08

There was also a spider-web structure that was suitable for young children as well.

J Cube Jurong East Dream Playground 09

There were 3 of these spinning things that made MF go dizzy.  Though he looked more crazy than dizzy.

J Cube Jurong East Dream Playground 13

And tunnels for kids to run through.

J Cube Jurong East Dream Playground 11J Cube Jurong East Dream Playground 12

At the far-end of the playground, there was a structure that kids could climb up. This was the only part of the playground where I had to watch my young children.  But you know, it reminded me of the Pelican playgrounds I played at when I was young? Where I would climb up the hole at the top and sit on top.  That was SO much higher.  And didn’t even have a minimum recommended age of 5 years old. Oh well… Times have changed.

J Cube Jurong East Dream Playground 15

There was also a gallery walk for residents to learn about the history of the Jurong East area.

J Cube Jurong East Dream Playground 16

As we continued our walk towards Singapore Science Centre, there were these giant ball lamps.  They lit up with different colours at night. This was not part of the playground, but try telling that to a 2 year old.  Colourful Balls = Playground to them.

J Cube Jurong East Dream Playground 17

Dream playground was located right behind J Cube.  Since J Cube didn’t exactly have a playground of their own, this playground would do if you are looking for a place for kids to play near J Cube, especially if they are too young to ice-skate.

J Cube Jurong East Dream Playground 18


This playground is ran by Jurong Town Council and open 24 hours daily. Getting There: 3-minutes walk from Jurong East MRT (EW24 / NS1)

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  • Woo interesting! We go to Jcube once in awhile so this is good to know! 😀

  • Ai Sakura says:

    haha the tunnels remind me of the hobbit! thanks for sharing this. will check it out with Lil Pumpkin when we’re in the area 🙂

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  • Kerensa says:

    I was there on a very hot afternoon. So my kid did not get to play. How I wish Singapore’s playgrounds comes with those sun sail shades found in many other countries. The equipments may also last longer. I try to go to outdoor playgrounds after 5pm nowadays but it’s not always possible.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I know right.. I always wonder why places like shopping centres invest money to build rooftop playgrounds but don’t go on to build some form of sun shade like you mentioned? Is it like against some regulation because it doesn’t make sense to me. Singapore is either crazy hot or raining. And they WANT people to go to their shopping centre even in the afternoons right? A simple sheltered playground would make it so much more enticing for me to bring my kids there in the afternoons.

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