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Pizza Hut is one of my favourite restaurants to visit when dining with kids because of their long-running Kids Dine Free promotion.  On weekdays, you can get a free kids meal with any order of a main course or regular/large pizza or selected set meals.


(Above image taken from Pizza Hut Singapore’s website)

This month (2 – 27 Jan 2015), they added a 1-for-1 Weekday Wonders promotion which caught my attention while I was passing by the branch at Northpoint one day.

promo-weekday-wonders-201412-01promo-weekday-wonders-201412-02(Above images taken from Pizza Hut Singapore’s website)

So I was standing outside the restaurant trying to determine which promotion was better: Kids dine free or 1-for-1…


The waitress standing at the entrance was super tickled by MY photo-bombing my attempt to take photo of the promotional posters.  She kept going, “So cute so cute…” until I decided to go in for lunch. Tip to service staff – If you want the business of a family with kids, tell the parents how cute their kid(s) are!

After we were seated, the staff went about explaining the various menus they had: Weekday 1-for-1, Smart Choice lunch sets, STUDENT LUNCH DEAL(?).. Maybe she thought I was a student bringing my little brother out for lunch??  After scrutinizing the various menus, we decided to stick to our usual Kids Dine Free promotion because the kids meal came with a drink (apple juice or milo).


And as if I didn’t already know how much the staff here loved my kid, they even gave him a lollipop which kept him happy and entertained while waiting for the food.


This was not the first time my kids received freebies from Pizza Hut.  When MF was a baby (back in 2011), he also received a balloon poodle during one of our visits to Pizza Hut.

Okay, back to 2015.  Here is the free kids meal that MY received:20150105_123447

He ate the pizza, the chicken wings and less than half of the fries and was full.  So I finished up the rest of his fries plus my own lasagna, we were both stuffed! And the bill?


That’s $14 for a lasagne and a kids meal.  If that’s not good enough, look at the end of the receipt, I can get a free personal pan pizza on my next visit if I complete the survey.  So remember not to throw away your pizza hut receipts if you are planning to visit again within the next 30 days.  So for $14, I essentially receive a lasagna, a kids meal and a personal pan pizza!  Awesome! I will definitely be back soon.

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Websites:  Pizza Hut Singapore official website | Facebook Page

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