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April 3, 2017

As a stay-at-home-mom (or nowadays I consider myself a work-at-home-mom), I can identify with the desire to make a bit of pocket money while staying home with the kids.   I have dabbled with various ways of trying to earn a little income here and there.  Selling stuff online. Giving tuition.  Writing ten-years-series (yes, I did that before, don’t doubt it).  Blogging.

Through my blog post on childcare subsidies for self-employed working moms, I know there are many moms out there trying to do the same.  We choose to stay home for our kids.  Yet we feel the need to continue some form of work.  Maybe we do it as a hobby.  Maybe we do it to make ends meet.  Or maybe we do it to justify our own worth.


However, support is often lacking for those of us looking to make side-incomes while staying home.  Maybe you are extremely talented at making handicraft.  You could be making good money while your kids are sleeping with your talent.  But how do you get people to buy your stuff?


You can set up your own online store, but that’s easier said than done.  Setting up a website is painful, to say the least, if you are not well-versed in coding.  After setting it up, you still need to promote your store.  You need to ensure your platform is secure.  You need to pay for hosting.

Which is why most people would rather list their items on Carousell.  Or Qoo10.  Back in my days, I used eBay.  But with soooooo many sellers and listings out there, how do you get to the right buyers?

This is why from the first time I clicked into Kidselle, I was hooked.  Touched, in a way that eBay and Carousell would never touch me.  It was a marketplace, just like Carousell and Qoo10 are marketplaces.  But it’s different.  It’s more than just a marketplace.  It’s also a community of Moms seeking to support each other.


Buying on Kidselle

As I scrolled through Kidselle, I saw gorgeous handmade products.  Homemade cakes.  Personalised embroidery.  Mostly by moms, for moms.


There is something intrinsic about this whole idea of supporting a fellow mom.  Sure, I can buy lots of stuff cheaply from Taobao.  But when you are buying from another mom, it just feels different.  Somehow the buy feels more meaningful, knowing that you are supporting someone who’s going through days as crazy as yours.  Facing the same struggles and sleepless nights as you.  And all they want to do is to use the skills they have to make a little money to regain their sanity.


Check out all the lovely products they have for new-born babies!  I don’t have a baby, but my friend does.  So I got this personalised beansprout husk pillow for her baby.  I felt much happier presenting this to the little newborn baby than if I had bought something off the shelves from the department store.

Whether you’re shopping for your newborn, or shopping for a present for your friend’s newborn, there are lots of lovely gifts on Kidselle to choose from!


Or perhaps you want to throw a party?   How about getting your cake, desserts, decor, favours etc from a fellow mom?


Even if you’re just looking to keep your kids occupied, how about getting a lovely personalised quiet book?


To me, what Kidselle provides is a win-win platform for both buyers and sellers. At Kidselle, we support one another by respecting each other’s works.  We pay a fair price because it’s what the other mom deserves.  We don’t try to sell other moms with sub-standard products, because we know their money is as hard-earned as ours.


Why not hop on in to Kidselle to see if another mom is selling what you need? I’m pretty sure Dads are welcome to join too!

Selling on Kidselle

If you have items that you think you can make to sell to other parents out there, why not list your item on Kidselle to see where it leads you?  Especially if you are already listing your items on platforms like Carousell or selling your stuff at bazaars and looking to increase more exposure to your products.  Personally, I would really love to see Kidselle grow to include more and more handmade or personalised products from fellow moms out there.  And that Kidselle will become not just a marketplace to buy and sell products, but to meet like-minded moms and make some friends.

My main concern with Kidselle is that as it grows, I hope they would screen the listings carefully to ensure that Kidselle remains a community for parents, supporting mostly SAHMs and WAHMs, as what it started out to be.  I truly hope that it doesn’t evolve into yet another marketplace flooded with imported-from-Taobao stuff.  If you know what I mean.

Before I end off, quick question.  Would you buy from me if I start selling my Lego minifigure crayons? Or personalised Lego polaroid photo frame?  Wahahaha…


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