Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant

*Update* Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant has since moved to Orchard Central.  The new branch at Orchard Central does NOT have a play area. 🙁

Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant, located at the basement of Heeren along Orchard Road, is one of the rare places where I could enjoy affordable buffet with a toddler in tow. There is a playground there, and a table with bead chasers to keep kids entertained. There are tables surrounding the play area, so you can dine while watching your kids play!


If you have not visited them before, this weekend is the last time to do so, before they relocate to Orchard Central. In fact, they are having a farewell party tomorrow, 22 April (Sunday).

I’m not sure if the new outlet will have a playground.. I really hope so! But just in case, we brought MF there to enjoy himself (while we enjoy loads of salmon sashimi) for one last time..


So remember, they will be closed from 23 April 2012. Not sure when they will reopen in Orchard Central, but on their facebook page, it says June 2012. There is a discount coupon you can print from their website or facebook page to be used in the new outlet. 🙂

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