Little O’zone @ Orchid Country Club
September 16, 2011

[Update (15/10/2012):  Little O’zone has closed down and is no longer in operation.]

Today, I wanted to go to Sembawang Shopping Centre to satisfy my Gong Cha craving… While waiting for the free shuttle bus at Yishun MRT, I saw the shuttle bus for Orchid Country Club (OCC) instead… At a whim of the moment, I decided to board that bus instead.  I read on the internet that there is an indoor kids playground there, so thought I would just check it out.

Little O’zone was not hard to find.. It is very near the last shuttle bus drop-off point, just go up one storey, next to Orchid Bowl.

I arrived at 5pm, only 1 hour left before their closing time, so I decided to enquire about the charges first. I was thrilled when the staff told me it is FREE for babies under 1 year old! However, adults need to pay, but it is just $1 per adult.  $1! That’s even cheaper than my bus / MRT fare to.. anywhere! So I happily paid $1 (plus $1.60 for a pair of socks for myself, much cheaper than what other indoor playgrounds charge for socks) and headed right in.  The moment I put MF down on the carpeted floor, he dashed on all fours excitedly towards the toddlers area (for kids under 4).

There were some tunnel thingy in the toddlers area, but MF was no interested in tunneling. All he could do was stand and bounce around happily.

After many failed attempts to make him crawl, I grabbed him and dumped him near his favourite ball pit.  The ball pit is tiny and shallow, MF easily wriggled his way up the ramps at the side and rolled himself into the pool of balls… Ahhh, bliss.

There were some other stuff in the toddlers area, but I wasn’t too sure how it worked and they didn’t look appropriate for 8.5 month old MF..

Since there were no other kids around (there were two other kids there, but they went out for a snack), I brought MF to the big-kids area called ‘Outer Space’.  There is nothing suitable for MF there, and I was not going to carry him and climb up the tall slope.. So what did I do? Throw MF into the gigantic ball pit!!


On the whole, there isn’t really much to do at Little O’zone for babies, and once they pass 1 year old, I don’t think it’s worth paying the entrance fee.  But while it’s free, I wouldn’t mind paying $1 just to pop in and let MF roll around the ball pits.  Then again, if you do not stay anywhere near Yishun, it may not be worth the hassle, there are many better playgrounds you can check out in Singapore.  The only reason I would go there again (and again) is because I stay super near Yishun MRT, and there is the free shuttle bus, so going there to me is just like bringing your kid to the playground nearest your home.

The inconvenient part is that there is no nursing room around, so prepare a nursing shawl. Also, the cafe area is outside, so unlike playgrounds like Fidgets and Go Go Bambini, you can’t sit and eat / relax while watching your baby play… If you want to eat, you’ll have to pick up your baby and go outside (where there is no air-conditioning >_< ).  There is, however, a small play area outside.

More details about Little O’zone:

Opening hours:
(Mon – Thur) 10am – 6pm
(Fri-Sun, School and public holidays) 10am – 9pm

(OCC Members) 1st hour $6, subsequent hour $4, subsequent 30min $3
(NTUC Link / NEBO card /  Passion card / U Plus / Fairprice Link Members) 1st hour $7, subsequent hour $5, subsequent 30min $3.50
(Public Rate) 1st hour $8, subsequent hour $6, subsequent 30min $4

FREE for babies below 1 year old.

Adults need to pay $1 to enter.  However, for each child under 4 years old, 1 accompanying adult can enter free (except if your baby is under 1 and entering free, then the accompany adult still needs to pay $1).


Catch the shuttle bus from Yishun MRT (wait along the road near NTUC).

The shuttle bus makes two stops: First at the lobby, then at the shuttle bus stop near NTUC.  Get off at the shuttle bus stop near NTUC.  Go up one storey at the stairs near NTUC, you should see Little O’zone (beside Orchid Bowl).

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