MF, the loving mother.. I mean brother.
January 31, 2013

When I was expecting my second child, my greatest worry was having to deal with sibling jealousy and rivalry.  So when hubby suggested leaving MF at my in-laws during my confinement month, I was pretty reluctant.  I was worried that MF would feel like we are abandoning him and resent the new baby.

Surprisingly, and thankfully, none of this happened.  From the day MY arrived home, MF has been showering his didi with lots of love and kisses!

In the morning when my hubby tells MF, “Let’s go to grandma’s house”, MF happily waves bye bye to me and MY.  He would say, “Bye Bye didi, Bye Bye mama” and give both of us a kiss and run to wear his shoes.  And when leaving my in-laws place, hubby will ask him, “Do you want to stay here to play? Or go home?” He will reply, “Go home..  Baba, Mama, didi and feng.”  He actually acknowledges didi as part of the family already!

When he reaches home, he will squeal, “Didi didi!” and run to MY’s bed to look at him.  If I am nursing MY, he will come over to kiss MY’s head.  When he sees me sitting MY up to burp, he will come over and pat MY’s back.  When I tell him, “Didi poop”, he will rush to fetch didi’s changing mat, wet wipes, barrier cream (along with other stuff that I don’t need like cotton wool and tissue box).  If he hears MY crying, he will rush over to the cot and call out to me, “Mama, 抱 (carry) didi.” Sometimes I feel like MF is more motherly than me!

So here are some photos of MF being all motherly…

He thinks he can feed didi too, just by putting on the nursing pillow:


Sometimes he will ask me to let him carry didi:


He loves to lie down together with didi and hold his hand:


And he all-time favourite activity: Kissing didi



I must have accumulated some good karma in my previous life to be lucky not to have to deal with jealousy issues.  But I also like to think that we have done our parenting right somewhere along to way, giving MF a strong sense of security that he knows we are not abandoning him when we leave him at grandma’s house and he doesn’t feel threatened by the new addition to the family at all.  I am one proud mama! 🙂


  • fen says:

    Congrats on ur newborn bb n he has a lovely gor gor who is a great helper!
    I chanced upon ur informative blog abt d playgrounds! Could u pls share with me which singkids playsystem branch- vivo, changi or UE is more suitable for my 6yo girl? Thanks so much in advance n happy 1mth birthday to ur MY 🙂

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Thank you!

      I think Vivo branch would be more suitable for your 6 yo. It is the only branch with active play area and a bouncy castle kind of slide. When I went with my friend who has a 7 yo daughter, the girl had lots of fun bouncing down the slide. The other branches do not have that, and I find their apparatus are catered more for younger kids.

  • Cindy says:

    so sweet of ur elder boy!

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