More fun with stickers!! Sticker Dot Activity and Animal ABC!

All kids LOVE stickers! The only problem with stickers is that kids tend to stick them everywhere.  Which is why I love Oriental Trading‘s sticker scene activities because it gives kids an objective, to create a meaningful scene using the stickers, allowing kids to learn through play (we all love this phrase, don’t we?).

In my most recent round of Oriental Trading shopping spree, I bought a packet of ‘Sticker Dot Activity‘ to try out.

In each packet of ‘Sticker Dot Activity’, you have 12 background sheets with pictures formed by dots.  Kids take the sticker dots, using any colour they wish, to paste on the blank dots.


The dots come in 3 sizes: Small, medium and large.  I demonstrated with a few small stickers and asked MF to try.


Well, the totally out-of-place pink stickers were done by MF.  It seemed the small dots were too challenging for 2.5 year old MF, so I decided to let him try the medium ones.


Much better. After he has had practice with the medium ones, we went back to try the small dots again.


Improvement! Somewhat.. But he lost patience soon and decided to just do the big ones.

IMG_5734 copy

After he was done with the big ones, he didn’t want to play anymore.  That’s it for a 2.5 year old. I think this activity is good training of their motor skills and patience!

Another thing kids of this age love are animals.  MF sieved through the huge pile of stickers I bought and saw one with lots of animals and wanted to do that one.  This is the ‘Make-An-Alphabet Sticker Scene‘ activity.


Basically there are 26 animals starting with the alphabets A-Z.  The kids take the sticker and paste it onto the starting alphabet of each animal’s name.  Not that I want to brag, but I think MF knows quite a lot of animals for a 2.5 year old.  Of the lot, the only one he didn’t know was ‘Narwhal’.

IMG_5737 copy

And proud MF shows off his A to Zs.


These sticker activities can be purchased from Oriental Trading‘s website.  They do not ship to Singapore and you need to go through shipping services like vPostBorderlinx,Comgateway etc.


  • Chris says:

    hello.. bumble bee mum, your info. are really interesting,.. Can find out what toddler’s need n indoor playgroud.. I also find that oriental trading are selling interesting stickers with scene background too.. But what they are selling at least one dozen.. Is really a huge lot to me as I only have one kid.. May I know do you know or meet any mummies who are willing to share half of dozen with me? Please let me know.. thanks.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Hi, MF can play a dozen on his own easily.. You’ll be surprised how fast kids use up the stickers! You can try forums like singaporemotherhood.com, or I sometimes give them away as presents for my friends’ / relatives’ kids.

  • Deepa says:

    How much is the shipping?.. N ive got stuff i want to order via oriental trading.. How do u order n hook on to the various shipping??? Thanks a million!!!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I would recommend that you ship via Comgateway.. When you order on Oriental Trading website, you key in your comgateway shipping address.. After that Comgateway will ship it to you. However, the shipping from USA to Singapore is very expensive. If you know anyone travelling to USA, you can ship to their hotel address and ask them to bring it back to you.

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