Amazonia Great World City Review

First Visits to Amazonia (October 2011)

I visited Amazonia three times in October, when they were having the free entry for babies below 1 promotion (with $10 spend at the cafe), and have been wanting to blog about it.. But oh well, I procrastinated.  Let me finally get down to doing it.

My first visit was on a Wednesday evening.. The place was PACKED! I wasn’t expecting such a crowd on a weekday, not sure if it was due to PSLE marking day holiday. First impression: It was much smaller than expected.  Given the hefty entrance fee ($20 for kids below 3, $30 for kids above 3, limited to 2 hours playtime), I was expecting more.  Furthermore, it was disappointing to discover that the Space Ball and 3D Glow Golf attractions was not included and required additional fees. They also sell merchandise and have a photo booth, which made me wish they dedicated the space to more play area instead.. Or at least install a toilet or diaper-changing facility or nursing room for visitors’ convenience.  Not a good first impression I must say.

The first place I checked out was the cafe, because the free entry promotion required me to spend $10 at the cafe.  Of all the indoor playgrounds I have visited, Amazonia has the most fantastic cafe menu! However, it was not easy to get a table during peak hours.

After ordering an iced mocha (which was superb by the way), I let MF play in the toddler’s play area.  They had some toys around, but to be shared with the swarm of toddlers around.  MF’s favourite was the walker, but given the many kids around, there was hardly any space to walk.

I wanted to bring one of the toys to the table to keep MF entertained while I enjoy my iced mocha, but a staff stopped me and told me I couldn’t remove toys from the toddlers’ area.. 🙁 .. MF wasn’t going to stay seated in a high chair while I drink my coffee when there were so many toys around him, so my ice-cream melted away while MF continued to entertain himself with the activity boards in the toddlers play area.

Next, I let MF try out the ball pit.. It turned out to be a lot deeper than it looked and MF sank right in the moment I put him in!

Also in the toddlers’s area is a slide (which MF totally enjoyed when I put him on my lap and slide down), a step-pad piano (exactly the same as the one at Go Go Bambini) and a small section with lots of ‘bricks’.

Overall, I felt they tried to pack a lot of things into the small toddlers’ play area and it was a bit cramped given the crowd.  But on a less crowded day, there was enough to keep MF entertained for a long time, especially with the activity boards.

I tried to bring MF into the main play area, Jungle Play Gym, but there was a sign that said kids under 3 were not allowed.  Too bad, MF didn’t get to play on the famous 4-storey wave slide.

On the whole, I didn’t think it would be worth to pay $20 for 2 hours of play here for babies.. But the free entry promotion was a great deal! Too bad it has ended.. 🙁

On a sidenote, there are two party rooms at Amazonia and one of them was open (think they were preparing for a party) and I took a peek inside.. It was beautiful!!


Visit to Amazonia Great World City (6 Nov 2011)

My friend was on leave one day and we decided to hang out at one of the indoor playgrounds. Since we needed somewhere in the Central area, and we just visited Royce Kids Gym recently (usually it would have been my top choice for a babies’ gathering), we decided to go to Amazonia.

We were there on a Wednesday afternoon at 1pm, and the whole place was SO quiet. It was just the two of our 10-month old babies and one other toddler.

I ordered my lunch, and since there was nobody else around, I let MF roam freely around the carpeted area in front of the cafe while I ate and watched over him. He happily crawled and pushed the walker all over the area.

MF loves slides, and he sat at the foot of the 4-storey wave slide eagerly and kept trying to crawl up (unsuccessfully of course). After lunch, I decided to bring MF into the main play area, ignoring the sign that said kids below 3 were not allowed.

There was a gigantic ball pit which MF could play safely as there were no older kids around. Above the ball pit, there was a board with holes to throw balls through.. It’s pretty cool, the ring around the hole would light up and make an animal roaring sound (in line with Amazonia’s jungle theme) when a ball goes through.

After playing for a while in the ball pit, it was time to explore the higher storeys. We got a nice view of the ball pit from above:

More climbing and playing with an activity board along the way and we arrived at a spot where we could see the cafe below:

Moving on, passing by obstacles, tunnels and even a trampoline, before we finally reached the top of the slide:

MF totally enjoyed the ride down the wavy slide. If you are intending to go down, here is a tip: Wear shorts so that there is more friction between your legs and the slide, this would allow you to go down slowly. The great thing about Amazonia is that you do not need to go through the whole maze again just to go down the slide.. There is a direct route that brings you to the top of the slide via some steps. So I brought MF up and down a few times, until my legs were aching from climbing up the steps.

I didn’t go up to the highest storey during this visit. Two hours was up before I knew it! But on my third visit, I went up to check it out. There were some tunnels, including one long curvy one which MF had a blast crawling through all by himself! There were some faux windows along the way, but too bad they didn’t offer much of a view.

Now that MF is extremely mobile and confident about crawling across bridges and through tunnels on his own, I actually think it is worth to pay $20 for him to play here.. It was so much fun for him! But I’ll only go on a weekday afternoon and avoid school holidays like a plague.


Amazonia Great World City Admission Fee (Play Rates)

Singapore Indoor Playgrounds Admission Fees and Locations amazonia price list 1 amazonia price list 2


Address: #03-08 GREAT WORLD CITY, 1 Kim Seng Promenade Singapore 237994

Tel: +65 6235 4522

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily

Websites: official website | facebook page


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