Mother’s Day Celebration 2013 – High Tea Buffet @ Tea Lounge, Regent Hotel

This year, we celebrated Mother’s Day a week late, because I wanted to try the widely popular high tea buffet at Tea Lounge (Regent Hotel) but couldn’t secure a booking for Mother’s Day weekend in time.

High tea buffet at Tea Lounge is only available on weekends and in 2 seatings: 12 – 2.30pm and 3 -5.30pm.  We were there for the second seating.

I have never tried bringing MF for high tea before – expensive porcelain tea pot and cups simply do not seem to gel with kids. But I guess there must always be a first time.  I’m glad I chose Tea Lounge for this, because they turned out to be surprisingly kids friendly.

I booked online and requested for a high chair and space for stroller.  When we arrived, there was a vintage-looking high chair waiting for us and ample space next to our table for a stroller.  In fact, the lounge was pretty spacious and there were at least 3 other families with huge strollers when we were there.


They provided children’s utensils for MF – safe plastic ones, so that he didn’t go around breaking those expensive looking plates.


And the food was absolutely heavenly for kids – think sweets, cakes, biscuits, tarts..


The cooked food weren’t as kids-friendly.


There was salmon confit which I thought MF could eat, but my friend said it was not thoroughly cooked, so I decided not to give it to MF. So to warm up his tummy, he had an assortment of pies, and freshly prepared waffles and crepes.  And piping hot chocolate lava cake! *droolz*


MF must have felt like the kids in ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, surrounded by free-flow of sweets.  Couldn’t stop munching on those macaroons and meringue sticks with rainbow sprinkles!


I took some of the decorations off the cakes to decorate our desserts to amuse MF.  He was pretty tickled to see the butterfly on his macaroon.


When we were done eating, we let MY come out of his carrier / stroller to lounge for a while.


I enjoyed my high tea thoroughly – a happy Mother’s Day celebration – complete with my boys’ company (though ironically, I think I would have enjoyed my high tea more without their company.. Hah!).



Location: Regent Singapore (1 Cuscaden Road, Singapore 249715), Lobby Level

Opening Hours for High Tea Buffet:
Saturday and Sunday
12 noon – 2:30pm (First seating); 3.00pm – 5.30pm (Second seating)

Reservations: Instant Online Reservation
Tel: +65 6725 3245 / +65 6725 3246
Email: tealounge.rsn@fourseasons.com

Website: Tea Lounge homepage | Regent Singapore homepage

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