Mr Bean themed SingKids Playground! (Changi Airport T3) By Teddy & Me Cafe Singapore.

What happened to Singkids at Singapore Changi Airport T3?? It looks like it’s been invaded by Mr Bean!! Presenting the new Mr Bean themed SingKids Playground!


The signboard still says ‘SingKids Playsystem‘, so I guess it is essentially still the same SingKids, just… with new wallpaper?

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Okay, I got to admit.. I’m not a big fan of SingKids and I haven’t been to their airport branch for years.  (I would hop over to the FREE canopy playground at T1 when I’m at the airport.)  From the photos of Teddy & Me Cafe’s Facebook page, it looks like there has been quite a few changes there since my last visit.

The toddler’s zone is now a party area:

Mr Bean themed SingKids Playground party room

Party Room at Mr Bean Playground (Image Source)

The main play area now houses more play equipment. Most of the play equipment shown below were not around during my last visit.


Some of the equipment still looks oh-so-familiar though.


And the racing track is still around! After all these years, they are still the only playground with a race track like this! (Though The City did have the same type of vehicle, but not a cool racing track to ride it around like what they have here.)

Mr Bean themed SingKids Playground racing track

Racing Track (Image Source)

Mr Bean themed SingKids Playground racing vehicles

Vehicles for racing (Image Source)


Since this is essentially still a SingKids playground, my recommendation that it would be more suitable for children aged 3 to 6 still applies.  Toddlers will probably just enjoy the slide, balloon vortex and bouncy castle, but they will be too young to enjoy the majority of the apparatus and the racing car track.

Like I mentioned earlier, I have never been a big fan of Singkids, but the Mr Bean theme does put a refreshing touch to the playground and make it look a lot more inviting! Think if I’m a tourist walking around the airport with my kids, I would let my kids go in and play. It looked like it could be a tourist attraction on its own!

So hop on over to Changi Airport and check out the refurbished Mr Bean themed SingKids Playground!

Play Rates (Admission Fees)

Since it is still under SingKids, I am assuming the play rates still remain the same at:

Off-Peak: Two hours playtime ($18) – One Adult/Guardian and One Child
Peak Period: One hour playtime ($18) – One Adult/Guardian and One Child
Subsequent Hour: $10


Address: Singapore Changi Airport terminal 3 #B2-14/15/16

Opening Hours: 11am to 11pm

Official Websites:
SingKids Homepage
Teddy & Me Cafe Facebook Page | SingKids Facebook Page

Disclaimer:  I have not visited this playground recently.  All the above photos were from Teddy & Me Cafe Singapore Facebook Page.  My review is based on my experience with SingKids playgrounds in general and my visit to the Changi Airport branch more than 3 years ago.



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