Mummy’s Me Time
August 5, 2015

It’s my turn on Mummy’s Me Time Blog Train, hosted by Danessa from Prayerfull mum!

First and foremost, let’s define ‘Mummy’s Me Time’.   I think most people define ‘Mummy’s Me Time’ as time when the mummy is alone.  Free to do whatever she wants and indulge in anything she wishes undisturbed.  But for me, ‘Me Time’ simply means time when the kids are not disturbing me, i.e. SLEEPING.

My kids are hardly ever away from me.  On the VERY RARE occasions where they are, there must be a good reason for it: Like I’m on my way to tuition, or getting my once-in-2-years haircut.   Other than that, the kids are with me.  So rather than get all depressed and whine, “Oh, my life is so sad, I have no ME TIME!”, I indulge in ‘Me Times’ when the kids are asleep.

Mummys Me Time 10

Right… So what do I do in these mini ‘Me Times’ that I get?  Suppose I’m out (I usually am), the moment the kid falls asleep, I head STRAIGHT for a cafe.

Mummys Me Time 02 (2)

I get the lunch or tea break I so deserve in peace.

Mummys Me Time 01

I eat and drink to my hearts content! (Gosh, why do I have so many photos of food with sleeping kids??)

Mummys Me Time 02

Until the kid finally wakes up.  And I start cursing at myself for spending so much time taking photo of my food that I didn’t finish it within my very short and precious ‘Me Time’. Then I stuff the remaining food in my mouth quickly and it’s back to ‘Not just Me Time’.

Mummys Me Time 03

And if I am at home? The moment the kid sleeps, I switch on my computer to start blogging.  Like no, the posts on this blog do not just appear by magic.

If you are wondering what’s up with those 132 comments, no, I do not ignore comments. This happened at a time when I moved my blog out from WordPress.com to my own domain and suddenly 100+ comments appeared on my dashboard. You know what… Never mind, I shall stop trying to explain myself. My readers will know that I take comments very seriously.


Some other SAHMs must be thinking now, “But what about housework???”  To that, my reply is, “Are you kidding me? Kid’s nap times are too precious to be wasted on housework!” They can hang around me all they want while I do the laundry or vacuum the floor, I don’t care.  But I cannot stand it when they hang around me while I’m trying to use the computer.  Because THIS will happen.

Computer getting hijacked. He even sent an ASWERSDFHAS email to a sponsor before. No kidding.


Oops, I digressed.  Back to ‘Me Time’! Once in a while, I indulge myself in a little Korean Drama.  And tell myself how fortunate I am to not have to face the kind of Mother-In-Laws-From-Hell that always appear on Korean dramas.

Mummys Me Time 11

And, just for laughs, this is what I would look like if I was in a Korean drama.

Mummys Me Time 06

How about a time travel drama? ‘Modern mummy & baby time travels to Joseon’.  I love time travel dramas btw.  I cried buckets when watching Queen In-Hyun’s Man.

Mummys Me Time 05

Alright! Enough of drama-land.  Back at home, sometimes (like ONCE since I had kids), I borrow a book from the library to read.

Mummys Me Time 04

Yeah, I know, the baby is not asleep in the photo above.  But he was at the ‘Golden Age’, you know? The 3-4 month old stage where they cannot roll, cannot talk, and are easily amused by dangly toys? I had a lot of ‘Me Time’ back then.  Oh, I so miss those days.

Okay, so I don’t get ‘Me Times’ to go for, say, long afternoon teas with my girlfriends.  Sometimes I wish I do, but I don’t.  I have at least 1 kid with me on all my outings.  But is that a bad thing?

Few months back, Nat (so.natty.sg) and I met up for one of those girly food outings where I brought MY along.  She posted this photo on my Facebook page after the outing.

Mummys Me Time 07

The comment that my friend left (and the conversation that followed) left a deep impression on me.

Mummys Me Time 08

I was looking through my old photos when I was writing this post, trying to find photos that I could use.  I came across the photo below, which was taken during one of my high tea outings with my girlfriends.

Mummys Me Time 09

Looking at the above photo, my friend’s words ‘That’s the best life’ struck me.  Of course, there are times I wish I could just be ALONE and drink a coffee or eat a cake without worries that the kid would wake up anytime and start crying inconsolably from not having slept enough.  But when I think about it, having a coffee and cake WITH THE KID is not bad at all.

Up until the point the kids gets hyper from sugar rush.


This post is part of the “Mummy’s Me Time” blog train, hosted by Danessa from Prayerfull mum.

Next up on the train!

Next on the blog train is Jenn, who blogs at mylilbookworm. This is the place where she documents about her thoughts on educational, parental, health and investment topics.

Check out her blog tomorrow on how she spends her annual me-time, yay, annual, because tomorrow is her birthday! (Happy Birthday Jenn!)



  • Ashlyn says:

    I also can’t work on laptop or hp when my girl around, she will attack. Haaha.

    It also hard for me to housework with her around on weekday nights coz it’s just a few hours with her. So when I only do housework after she is asleep. Weekends are better as the time with her is longer!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Okay lah.. Like I said, I’m SAHM so to me, even doing housework with the kid hanging around me is bonding. Sometimes he will ‘help’ me vacuum or peg the clothes. But I guess if I’m a working mum, yeah, those few hours together each day are too precious to be wasted on housework.

  • Christy Wong says:

    You are so positive in your me-times! Many pp associate me times with far away from kids. I totally agree with you that as long as they are not disturbing us, we can enjoy a cuppa, drama and many quiet times. And I certainly agree that with kids around us is the best time 🙂

  • Angie Yeow says:

    Chuckle to your No this blog post do not appear by magic! Yes… they’re from our hearts and hard work amidst our busyness! : ) Always great to catch up with girlfriends!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      My girlfriends have been hoping to catch up for once without the kids. But that hope has never been realized. Oh well… Maybe 18 years later when our kids don’t want to be with us anymore, we can finally catch up. Hahaha…

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